Red Je Pakketje launches Shiplee

Red Je Pakketje launches Shiplee

Dutch parcel deliverer Red je Pakketjes launches international online sending platform Shiplee. With the new platform, Red Je Pakketje wants to expand its parcel delivery services further in Europe.

In May this year, Instabox took over Red Je Pakketje. Both companies are known for their same-day delivery with time slots and sustainable transport. Today, Red Je Pakketje launches its international shipping platform.

Up to 2.000 online retailers are using the Dutch platform.

Previously, the company had a Dutch shipping platform that launched in May last year. Since then, up to 2.000 Dutch online retailers have started using the platform. Parcels shipped through the platform have been sent to consumers in 28 countries.

To make further international expansion possible, the new international version of the platform launches today. The accounts of clients that were already using the Dutch version will be automatically transferred to the international one.

Accessible to all online retailers

Shiplee expands on what Red Je Pakketje and Instabox are known for. “We make same- and next-day delivery in a sustainable way accessible to all online retailers, because shipping is possible with just one parcel”, says CEO Sam Rohn.

Ecommerce is ideally suited for international expansion.

Expanding internationally is a logical next step for Red Je Pakketje. “Ecommerce is ideally suited for international expansion. This applies not just to online stores, but also to carriers. Our technology is scalable and we want to use that advantage internationally.” The collaboration with Instabox increases Shiplee’s scale advantage, and the company believes that expanding internationally will make their mission of sustainable parcel delivery more impactful.



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