Secondhand fashion platform Vinted launches in the Netherlands

Secondhand fashion platform Vinted launches in the Netherlands

Vinted, an online platform which enables users to buy and sell secondhand fashion, is reinforcing its investment in the Netherlands. Now, Dutch users can browse millions of items, while they can also sell their clothing to millions of users in Europe.

According to CEO Thomas Plantenga, a Dutchman who helped turn around the then failing Lithuanian startup, the Netherlands are a natural next step for them to further boost their growth. “When it comes to fashion resale, we are convinced the Dutch market is essential to completing our international platform, and the latest piece to connect the puzzle alongside our most established markets”, he says.

Active in 11 countries in Europe

The secondhand fashion app is currently active in the US and eleven countries across Europe, and has over 22 million users worldwide. After achieving success in mature ecommerce markets such as Germany and France (where it claims to be market leader), the company says it’s now time to be active in the Netherlands.

 To help users sell their fashion items even faster, Vinted connected four markets with each other last December. These are France, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg. And now the Dutch market is added. “This international experience is reinforced by a strong and developed shipping network, whereby local and global companies make national and cross-border shipping possible at competitive prices.”

About Vinted

Vinted claims to be Europe’s biggest online customer-to-customer marketplace for secondhand clothing. It was founded by Milda Mitkute and Justas Janauskas in 2008. The start-up is headquartered in Vilnius and also has offices in Berlin, Prague and Warschau.

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