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How to succeed in the Dutch and Belgian ecommerce market

The Netherlands and Belgium have a combined population of 28 million people, a gross domestic product of 1.08 trillion euros and English is spoken widely. The two countries offer an attractive market to international retailers looking to expand into new territories. A new guidebook helps companies who want to sell online in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Ecommerce Worldwide launched the Belgium & Netherlands Cross-Border eCommerce Trading Guide which consists of tons of information for retailers looking to expand into these Western European countries. It makes clear why the Netherlands and Belgium are very attractive countries for conducting ecommerce business.

Belgium grows faster than the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, 93 percent of the population shops online and the ecommerce market grew by 16.1 percent last year. In Belgium, 74 percent of its inhabitants shop online and it’s one of the fastest growing markets with a growth of 34.2 percent last year. Also in terms of cross-border ecommerce, Belgium is growing fast (35%) compared to the Netherlands (21%). Both Dutch and Belgian consumers love to shop abroad in countries such as the UK, France and Germany, although in the Netherlands consumers also shop abroad often in China and the US.

The guide provides readers with handy information about things such as the preferred delivery methods and the most popular payment methods. It also shows the average connection speed, most popular search engines and social media, overall (online) retail sales, the share of mobile transactions and more.

If you want to know more about the online retail industry in these countries, we have a page with information about ecommerce in the Netherlands and ecommerce in Belgium.