VidaXL opens fulfillment centers in the Netherlands and Poland

VidaXL opens fulfillment centers in the Netherlands and Poland

VidaXL, an online retailer from the Netherlands, will build two new fulfillment centers in Europe. One will open in the Netherlands, while the other will arise in Poland. The two fulfillment centers are part of VidaXL’s growth strategy.

The ecommerce company says it’s expanding its product assortment to match their customers’ needs for home & garden products. The Dutch retailer also wants to make sure high-demand products are in stock at all times and it wants to shorten delivery times.

Two new fulfillment centers in Europe

To achieve these goals, VidaXL will be adding new fulfillment centers: in the Netherlands, Poland, the US, and Australia. “These new fulfilment centers are a very important step in our growth journey”, Kijo Oudshoorn, CCO of vidaXL commented. “In the past year, we have searched extensively for suitable locations and we’re excited to start building this year.”

We’re excited to start building this year.

141,000 square meters more in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, vidaXL will build another fulfillment center in the city of Venlo, where the company is also headquartered. The site will be finished at the end of this year and the total floor space will be 141,000 square meters of which 4,750 square meters will be used for office space.

In Poland, the new fulfillment center is built in Września. VidaXL chose this Polish city to decrease delivery times especially in Central and Eastern Europe. The new fulfillment center it will probably open in the last quarter of this year. There, the total floor space will be 138,000 square meters, of which 3,400 square meters is office space.

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