Zeeman expands online presence in Europe

Zeeman expands online presence in Europe

Dutch discount retailer Zeeman is expanding its online presence in Europe. The retail chain currently has an online store in the Netherlands and Belgium, but will now also launch an ecommerce website in France and in an yet unknown market.

Zeeman is a Dutch discount chain with stores in the Benelux, Germany, France, Austria, and Spain. In 2012, the company launched its very first online store, in the Netherlands. Four years later, Belgium became the second market where Zeeman has an ecommerce website.

Online shop in two new markets

Next year, Zeeman will launch its online shop in two new markets. In France anyway, but also in a market that is still unknown to us. It’s fore sure that it will be in a country where Zeeman currently doesn’t have physical stores.

The expansion follows after exponential growth.

The expansion of its ecommerce business in Europe comes after a period of exponential growth, due to the corona crisis. CEO Erik-Jan Mares told RetailDetail: “It caused a fast learning curve, which means that we are now further than where we normally would have been. In the end, it turned out well. I expect that we will be able to run a profitable operation sometime next year.”

New fulfillment company

Earlier this year, Zeeman switched to Belgian fulfillment company Katoen Natie for its ecommerce operation. “They are a very professional partner, we are very happy with the switch. We also hope to conquer Europe with them.”

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