363 thousand new sellers joined Amazon in Europe

363 thousand new sellers joined Amazon in Europe

So far this year, 363.439 new sellers joined Amazon marketplaces in Europe. Among new sellers on all marketplaces that Amazon has worldwide, 36.3 percent registered on Amazon in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France or Spain.

This can be concluded from information gathered by Marketplace Pulse. According to their analysis, over 1 million new sellers joined Amazon Marketplace in 2017. The marketplaces from Amazon.com in the US and Amazon in India contributed to half of all new sellers, but marketplaces in Europe are also well presented:

Amazon marketplace - new sellers in 2017

The Amazon marketplaces in Europe are all growing at a similar pace, which can be explained by the fact that often sellers launch in more than one marketplace in Europe. Worldwide, there are already over 5 million marketplace sellers on Amazon’s marketplaces, but the question remains how many of them will ever be active. “Many sellers end up never listing even a single product”, says Marketplace Pulse founder Joe Kaziukėnas.

31% of new sellers received seller feedback review

Based on his information, it shows that only 31 percent of the one million new sellers who joined the Amazon marketplace this year already received a seller feedback review. And about one in six new sellers have received a seller feedback review in the last thirty days. “So most sellers get some activity initially, but then disappear”, Kaziukėnas says. Although reviews aren’t the same as sales, one could draw a conclusion from these statistics, he thinks. “The assumption is that there are barely any sellers who have been active for months, had sales, but would still have no feedback reviews.”

Amazon in Sweden and Switzerland

There are major rumors that Amazon will launch in Sweden and it has also became clear that Amazon launches in Switzerland soon.

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