Ikea stops printing its famous catalog

Ikea stops printing its famous catalog

Ikea has made the decision to stop printing its famous catalog. For 70 years, it has been an inspirational guide for many consumers around the world. But times are changing, and so the Swedish company has taken this “emotional but rational decision”.

It’s of course no surprising move that Ikea has made this decision. The Swedish furniture retailer has become more digital and has found new ways to connect with its customers. “Customer behavior and media consumption have changed, and fewer people read the catalog today than in years past”, the company comments.

Ecommerce sales increased by 45%

That Ikea has become more digital is also shown by the fact that last year, the company’s ecommerce sales increased by 45 percent worldwide. The website also welcomed over 4 billion visits.

Ikea.com welcomed over 4 billion visits.

Ikea didn’t refrain from developing other ways to communicate with its fans. During the last few years, the omnichannel player tested new formats and ways to distribute the content of its famous catalog. “We will continue to inspire and help people to plan their needs and dreams at home with existing and new exciting tools”, Ikea says.

Facts about the Ikea catalog

In 1951, founder Ingvar Kamprad himself put together the very first catalog. It was printed and distributed in 285,000 copies in the southern part of Sweden. And 47 years later, in 1998, the company made one of its catalogs, “Ikea at office”, available online for the first time. Two years later, its main catalog was both available in print and online. And in 2001, ecommerce was launched for the very first time in Ikea’s history, with online stores in Sweden and Denmark.

The last physical catalog of Ikea.
The last physical catalog of Ikea.

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