Newpharma wants to expand to Italy and Spain

Newpharma wants to expand to Italy and Spain

Online pharmacy Newpharma wants to expand further across Europe and is thinking about launching its online shop in both Italy and Spain. Currently, the Belgian ecommerce company is active in six European countries.

Things are going well with Newpharma. Last year, revenues increased by 40 percent to about 81 million euros and for this year, the milestone of 100 million euros is within reach, co-founder Jerôme Gobbesso told Belgian newspaper De Tijd.

‘There’s no dominant player in Italy or Spain’

The online pharmacy is currently thinking about expanding to Southern Europe and more specifically, Italy and Spain. According to Gobbesso these are two big countries where the online market is still waking up and account for not even 1 percent. “There’s no dominant player active in these markets. There’s potential for us. We are still trying to find out how we are going to approach things there.”

At the moment, Newpharma has online shops in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. Gobbesso says his company is market leader in each of these countries.


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