The most popular online stores in Sweden

The most popular online stores in Sweden

Foreign ecommerce websites are popular among online consumers in Sweden. But online shoppers also rely on local companies, such as IKEA, Netonnet and Elgiganten. The most popular online store in Sweden however, is a foreign ecommerce website.

This was found by online couponing platform CupoNation, which analyzed the most visited online shops in Sweden during the last three months. The data somewhat correlate to what PostNord showed in their half-yearly “E-commerce in the Nordics” report, when they mentioned that many Swedish consumers mostly shopped from the United Kingdom and China during the first half year of 2016.

Among Swedish cross-border shoppers, especially clothes and shoes and consumer electronics are popular items to buy. Of all countries in the Nordic region, consumers in Sweden shop the most online. About two in three consumers (66 percent) in this country had shopped online during the first six months last year. In the next quarter, between January and March this year, was visited almost 16 million times, followed by (8.8 million) and (7.4 million).

Below are the most visited online shops, both national and foreign, during January and March of this year.

The most popular foreign online stores in Sweden

1. 15.7 million (non-unique) visits during the first quarter of 2017
2. 7.36 million
3. 7.1 million
4. 2.63 million
5. 4.78 million
6. 2.57 million
7. 2.25 million
8. 1.97 million
9. 1.61 million
10. 1.43 million

The most popular national online stores in Sweden

1. 8.89 million visits during the first quarter of 2017
2. 7.4 million
3. 7.28 million
4. 5.87 million
5. 5.86 million
6. 5.48 million
7. 3.92 million
8. 3.52 million
9. 3.16 million
10. 2.5 million

In 2016, CupoNation also analyzed data to come up with a list of the most visited online stores in Sweden.

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