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Staples launches new online storefronts in Europe

Staples has drastically improved the ecommerce experience on their key websites in Europe, including Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. This got combined with a refreshed look and feel of the online storefronts. With the update, omni-channel shopping must be easier for Staples’ customers.


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With the refreshed Staples websites, it must be easier for customers to shop wherever and whenever they like, whether it’s in the physical store, online or via mobile devices. When you now visit,,,, or, you see a cleaner and intuitive design. “This makes it easier for our customers to find, buy and reorder products.”

The homepage got revamped, so did the header and footer. And now there’s a horizontal masthead navigation, which allows dustomers to browse by different categories. The site also got some new features which makes omni-channel more convenient. The website is easily visitable using mobile devices and you could order products online have them shipped to a nearby Staples store. “In addition, the websites provide a more personalized experience, with products and promotions that are even more relevant to Staples customers, and a more streamlined check-out process that will make it easier to conduct business with Staples”, the press release tells us.

This is not the first major improvement to Staples’ European websites in the last six months. Earlier, the company changed the site by personalizing the way to shop even more, updating the search engine and offering reordering tools for frequently used products.

The Dutch website of Staples
On the Dutch website of Staples, the redesign was announced to its customers.