Swedish IT shop Dustin launches in the Netherlands

Swedish IT shop Dustin launches in the Netherlands

Dustin, a Swedish reseller of IT products and services, has launched its online store in the Netherlands. The company was already active in the Nordics, but after acquiring Dutch Vince Groep last year, the IT company is now also active in the Netherlands.

Dustin not only sells thousands of IT products online, but it also offers associated services and solutions to companies, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises. Last year, it acquired Vincere Group, a Dutch company specialized in managed services with a focus on cloud and security, as well as IT solutions with associated hardware and advisory services.

Products and services in the Netherlands

So, in the Netherlands it could already offer its services, but now with the launch of the Dustin online store, it will also be able to serve Dutch customers with an assortment of computers, laptops, accessories, printers, smartphones and software.

‘Dutch market similar to Scandinavia’

Thomas Ekman, CEO of Dustin, says the Dutch market looks like the ones in Scandinavia, especially when it comes to the market structure and customer needs. “With our many years of experience in ecommerce and IT solutions for SMEs, and with a wide range and fast deliveries, we will quickly make a name for ourselves in the Dutch market”, he added.

The company has over 1,500 employees and achieved a turnover of about 1.2 billion euros last year. More than 90 percent of the company’s income derives from the business-to-business market.

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