Laws and regulations

As ecommerce become an increasingly mature business, more and more laws and regulations come in place. This is also because Europe desperately wants to have one, unified ecommerce market. The Directive on Consumer Right is one of these examples. As of 13 June 2014 it replaced certain directives and it’s focused more on protecting the online consumer than the European Union did before.

‘Online Dispute Resolution platform doesn’t work’

ODR platform

The Online Dispute Resolution platform, aimed to help online shoppers settling disputes with merchants across Europe, still doesn’t offer exactly what it meant to do. The consumer tool was launched officially in February, but still five countries – including big ecommerce markets Germany and France – haven’t connected yet. Continue reading

US retailers: “new agreement avoids new trade barrier”

EU US Privacy Shield

The American retail federation welcomes the new, tentative privacy agreement on transfers of personal data between the US and Europe and says officials should quickly implement this measure. ā€œFailure to renew this agreement would create a new trade barrier that would bog down global commerce and drive up costs for businesses and consumers”, NRF says. Continue reading

‘Running an online marketplace from Europe: not a good idea’

'Running an online marketplace from Europe: not a good idea'

Running an online marketplace from somewhere in Europe used to be very complex, with all the different tax rules. But since the beginning of last year each company that sells digital goods is forced to collect VAT based on the country of residence of each buyer. This didn’t make it easier. A European startup explains why. Continue reading

Europe wants guarantee period of 2 years

Guarantee period of two years in Europe

The European Commission today presents a proposal which equalizes the guaranteeĀ period for consumers who shop online in all member states. If this proposal is accepted, it will be a major change for consumers and retailers in Europe and could really boost cross-border ecommerce. Continue reading

What you should know about the alternative dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution

Next year, all retailers in the European Union need to prominently state that customers can exercise new dispute resolution rights, provide a link to the EU website explaining these rights, and state whether the store opts in or opts out of the EU scheme. Here’s what you should know about this alternative dispute resolution. Continue reading

Ecommerce Europe wants same rules for online and offline sales

Ecommerce Europe logistics

Ecommerce Europe, a pan-European association for online retailers, does not totally agree with the European Commission with regards to the Single Market Strategy it presented today. It welcomes the policy proposals the Commission has made, but the ecommerce association recommends not to create parallel legal frameworks. Ecommerce Europe wants the same rules for online and offline sales. Continue reading

Ukraine opens up to ecommerce

Ecommerce in Ukraine

Ukraine is finally opening up to the online retail business. The parliament and the Central Bank have recently adopted measures to facilitate online transactions. As a direct result Ukrainians can now use the popular payment service PayPal. Continue reading

A review of barriers to ecommerce in Europe

The European Union tries hard to achieve the Digital Single Market. But despite all the efforts, there’s still a long way to go before there’s a borderless ecommerce industry in Europe. The national board of trade of Sweden has published a report where it maps out the legal barriers affecting ecommerce in the EU. Continue reading

European Commission wants consultation on cross-border parcel delivery

European Commission

The European Commission has released its Digital Single Market Strategy to bring down barriers and unlock online opportunities across the continent. One way to achieve this, is by having more efficient and affordable parcel delivery. In order to improve the situation, the Commission wants feedback from consumers, companies and associations. It launched an online public consultation which will close on 29th July. Continue reading

EU logo for online sale of medicines is mandatory from 1 July

In a battle against falsified medicines, the European Union has introduced a common logo for legally operating online pharmacies and retailers. This already happened one year ago, but starting 1 July, implementation of the logo on an online pharmacy’s website is mandatory. Continue reading