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Having an online store is one, if you don’t know how to reach people and get your first customers, then soon you will soon be out of business. And even if you have customers, it’s important to keep promoting your online store. That’s why marketing is a very important part

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KupiVIP launches its own Cyber Monday

KupiVIP launches its own Cyber Monday, one of Russia’s largest online retailers, announced its own one-day sale. Today it’s “Shock Sale” and the main purpose is to beat the sales records and to attract the maximum number of users to its website in 24 hours. Continue reading

Facebook introduces “Shop Now” button in Europe

Facebook introduces “Shop Now” button in Europe

Companies with a Facebook Page are now able to add a call-to-action button, for example “Shop now” with a link to a product,  to the top of their page. This feature was introduced in the US at the end of last year, but now it’s also available for companies in Europe. Continue reading

Email marketing company Soundest adds new features

Email marketing company Soundest adds new features

Email marketing service provider Soundest had added some new automated features to its service. These features should help online retailers with developing customer relationships and growing sales. The company now has more than 5,000 customers from 115 countries. Continue reading

Google: “European retailers should monetize their visitors”

Google: “European retailers should monetize their visitors”

Online shoppers gather research at more than ten different sources before they purchase something. And at the same time, online retail stores generate more page views than news sites. Online retailers should market this reach. That’s what Google said during the biggest ecommerce event in the Netherlands. Continue reading

Lengow publishes white paper on Google Shopping

Lengow publishes white paper on Google Shopping

Lengow, a European feed management tool, has written a free white paper about how Google Shopping can be mastered to increase sales. The company’s first English-written white paper contains tips, market data, as well as expert advice, and frequently asked questions. Continue reading

Compare Group wants 50% growth in 2015

Compare Group wants 50% growth in 2015

Compare Group, a Dutch holding company consisting of five price comparison services in four different countries, wants to welcome 50% more visitors in 2015 than it had last year. And in terms of clicks it thinks it could achieve even much more growth. We interviewed CEO Ben Kerkhof, who explained to us why the company mostly thinks about a girl named Lisa these days… Continue reading

Black Friday is spreading to Europe

Today it’s Black Friday, the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. It’s also the day many retailers use to offer special promotions and spectacular discounts to their customers. It started in the United States, as a lot of non-retail employees have both Thanksgiving and the day after off, and went for shopping on this Friday. But as American retailers have expanded their business to Europe, Black Friday is embraced by an increasing number of European retailers. Continue reading

YouTube users can shop at 3 Suisses via video ads

Otto is experimenting with interactive video clips on YouTube. Viewers can purchase the products that are presented during the pre-roll video advertisements with one simple mouse click. They will be directed to the relevant product page on Otto’s French subsidiary 3Suisses. Continue reading

Dutch marketing agency Shop2market enters UK market

Dutch marketing agency Shop2market expands its international focus, opening an office in London. By adding a UK-based team the company is actively looking across the border, since it also has offices in The Netherlands and France. In the UK, Shop2market has clients such as, Dune London, Bottica and Cotsworld Outdoor. Continue reading

Germany’s 7-1 victory over Brazil haunts online stores

Germany’s phenomenal 7-1 victory over Brazil during the semifinal of the World Cup 2014 of course made many Germans very happy. But we’re wondering if this also counts for some retailers, who initially thought they offered a fun promotion, promising customers a discount for every goal scored. Seven German goals made up for some pretty business-damaging discounts… Continue reading

Facebook not popular with UK retailers

Facebook is a very popular social network amongst European online retailers. Except for the United Kingdom, where online retailers are more active on Twitter. But Twitter is however still less popular in the UK than in other countries like Germany or Spain. These two countries have the most social media savvy online retailers, as 90% of them are on Facebook and 80% are on Twitter. Continue reading

H&M most valuable retail brand in Europe

Interbrand published its ‘Best Retail Brands’ list for the fourth time and this year it seems that Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is Europe’s most valuable retail brand. The original Swedish fashion company is ranked as the top retailer in Europe with 13.11 billion euros. The world’s most valuable retail brand is Walmart, which has an estimated brand value of 95.15 billion euros. Continue reading

European retailers lag behind on social media

European online retailers aren’t that popular or active on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, when compared to American e-retailers. But it seems that it helps to sell clothes online, as six of the ten most liked online retailers on Facebook in Europe sell primarily apparel. Continue reading

Yandex let customers place orders via search site

Yandex, the most popular search engine in Russia, is now offering online stores a new model for listing their products on product search service Yandex.Market. The search engine currently gets a few cents every time a customer clicks on a link to a retailer’s website, but with the new model it will get 1% of the value of any transaction. Continue reading