Having an online store is one, if you don’t know how to reach people and get your first customers, then soon you will soon be out of business. And even if you have customers, it’s important to keep promoting your online store. That’s why marketing is a very important part of succefully running an ecommerce site.

Catalogs in ecommerce: unnecessary or indispensable?


Catalogs were a very important marketing tool during the mail order era. But now with the success of ecommerce and the almost extinction of the mail order business, catalogs are however still being sent to millions of consumers. How could it be that such an old-fashioned looking medium is still being used by lots of retailers? Continue reading

These retailers are the biggest AdWords spenders in Sweden

AdWords in Sweden

One of the hardest parts of making an online business successful is getting the marketing right. The most well-known and easy-to-reach channel is probably Google Adwords. However, due to its character the competition is high and thus the channel might be expensive as well. What online stores in Sweden spend a lot on Google Adwords? Continue reading

‘Companies should embrace social logins’

'Companies should embrace social logins'

When you want to onboard a customer to your online store, app or online community, you want them to register. But that’s something not every customer likes to do. Difficult forms with too many mandatory fields push people away. Social logins however are convenient and easy to use. More companies should embrace social logins, says the CEO of Veridu. Continue reading gets fully personalized homepage


Digital retail group Shop Direct has turned one of its brands into a fully-personalized shopping experience. Online customers who visit the homepage of will not only see their name turn up in a carousel image, but they will also see their interests reflected in the different parts of the homepage. Continue reading

“Personalization is the future of online shopping”


Retailers in the United Kingdom could be missing out on 94 million euros in additional revenue as they are failing to personalize the shopping experience. More than half of British consumers said they are more willing to choose for a retailer if it offered them a good personalized experience. Continue reading

How a viral led to 1,800 orders and a 560% increase in sales

After an online and offline debate over the color of a dress, British womenswear retailer Roman Originals made some good money off it. Unintentionally at first, because their black and blue (or what is gold and white?) dress went viral without them doing anything about it. Continue reading

KupiVIP launches its own Cyber Monday, one of Russia’s largest online retailers, announced its own one-day sale. Today it’s “Shock Sale” and the main purpose is to beat the sales records and to attract the maximum number of users to its website in 24 hours. Continue reading

Facebook introduces “Shop Now” button in Europe

Facebook Shop Now in Europe

Companies with a Facebook Page are now able to add a call-to-action button, for example “Shop now” with a link to a product,  to the top of their page. This feature was introduced in the US at the end of last year, but now it’s also available for companies in Europe. Continue reading

Email marketing company Soundest adds new features

Email marketing software from Europe

Email marketing service provider Soundest had added some new automated features to its service. These features should help online retailers with developing customer relationships and growing sales. The company now has more than 5,000 customers from 115 countries. Continue reading

Google: “European retailers should monetize their visitors”

Online shopping

Online shoppers gather research at more than ten different sources before they purchase something. And at the same time, online retail stores generate more page views than news sites. Online retailers should market this reach. That’s what Google said during the biggest ecommerce event in the Netherlands. Continue reading