Having an online store is one, if you don’t know how to reach people and get your first customers, then soon you will soon be out of business. And even if you have customers, it’s important to keep promoting your online store. That’s why marketing is a very important part of succefully running an ecommerce site.

Ecommerce trends according to Nordic experts

Ecommerce trends for 2016

For years we hear that mobile commerce is really breaking through now. And that cross-border ecommerce will become even more important. But what are the specific ecommerce trends for this year? Three CEOs from leading Nordic ecommerce companies share their thoughts. Continue reading

Zalando Media Solutions has successfully tested in-store ads

Zalando logo

Zalando has quietly tested brand advertising at its own platform during the past few months. With a group of several brands, it ran 30 advertising campaigns from external brands on dedicated parts of its own online store and via third party sites. Continue reading

UK retailers should engage more with researching shoppers

UK retailers should engage more with researching shoppers

UK fashion retailers are missing out on an annual spend worth almost 12 million euros because they are not engaging with shoppers who are increasingly researching fashion choices before purchasing. Retailers should re-evaluate their marketing content to focus on product attributes over the brand image, a new study suggests. Continue reading

‘IT teams delay optimization improvements’

'IT teams delay optimization improvements'

An optimized ecommerce website is of great importance to retailers. But research shows that it’s probably not the best idea to let the IT team decide when to implement data-based optimization changes, as they only slow down the process. More than half of improvements were delayed by IT until they had the time to deal with them. Continue reading

Importance of comparison shopping in Europe

Comparison shopping engines in Europe

An increasing amount of consumers are researching products before they decide to buy them. An important information channel during this process is the internet. In Central and Eastern Europe, comparison shopping engines have gained a key role in the buying decision process during the last couple of years. Continue reading

Twenga becomes Google’s Premier SMB Partner in France

Twenga partners with Google

Solutions provider Twenga announced today its strategic alliance with Google and the fact it’s joining the Premier SMB Partner Program. This Google initiative connects small- to medium-sized business owners with established advertising companies who are specialized in AdWords. Twenga is now one of a dozen AdWords Premier SMB Partners in France. Continue reading