Having an online store is one, if you don’t know how to reach people and get your first customers, then soon you will soon be out of business. And even if you have customers, it’s important to keep promoting your online store. That’s why marketing is a very important part of succefully running an ecommerce site.

MonkeyData helps ecommerce players with data analysis


Ecommerce companies can really make a difference nowadays if they use their data efficiently. But there’s data everywhere and it takes some time and effort to analyze all this. A European startup that tries to solve this problem, is MonkeyData. This Czech SaaS company analyses data from various sources and shows the results in one place in an organized dashboard. We interviewed them about data, ecommerce software and the differences between some European countries. Continue reading

Dutch retail tripled budget spend on Google Shopping

Google Shopping

It seems like Dutch retailers have embraced Google Shopping as an important advertising channel. Last year, this industry more than tripled the budget spend on Google Shopping. The share of paid search advertising on Google Shopping increased from 6 percent in 2014 to 23 percent last year. Continue reading

Beauty and personal care, the next big thing in Europe

Beauty and personal care could be the next big online category in Europe, consulting firm A.T. Kearny thinks. But only if the products and online shops meet the unique needs of consumers. Nonetheless, online sales of beauty and personal care is expected to increase by more than 8 percent year on year until 2019. Continue reading

Milestone for product recommendation tool Picalike


German startup Picalike has served more than 100 million relevant product recommendations based on visual similarity in just one month. The software solution searches and matches product pictures, so customers find what they are looking for. Online retailers Otto, Bonprix and Esprit are among the ecommerce companies using Picalike. Continue reading

CPC for Google’s paid search ads is rising

Google CPC

After Google decided to eliminate paid-search text advertising on the right-hand rail of its search results, the cost per click for paid-search advertising had indeed increased, one agency says. Last month, Google stopped serving ads on the right side of its search engine query page and added a fourth paid-search ad above, and up to three beneath the organic search results. Continue reading