There are so many online stores, a lot of consumers can no longer see the wood for the trees. That’s why some years ago trustmarks were being introduced. Retailers can submit their store but they only get approved if they follow certain rules, like showing who’s behind the store, informing the customer about his rights, providing information about returning products bought online, et cetera. Here, on this page you’ll find all the articles we’ve written about such trustmarks.

Association of Romanian Online Stores joins EMOTA


The European Ecommerce & Omnichannel Association has a new member. It announced ARMO, the Association of Romanian Online Stores, has joined the pan-European ecommerce association. Romania is now the 17th country to have an ecommerce association joining EMOTA. Continue reading

Irish ecommerce association eCAI joins EMOTA


The Irish ecommerce association eCAI has joined EMOTA, the European association for multi-channel and online retailers. According to Maurits Bruggink, secretary general of EMOTA, the eCAI membership comes at a pivotal time for Irish businesses. “Especially in light of the UK referendum result and pending Brexit negotiations.” Continue reading

New website Ecommerce Europe Trustmark online

The Ecommerce Europe Association has released the new website for its Ecommerce Europe Trustmark. With the website, the pan-European online retail association wants to give consumers a place where they can read in full what their rights are and what commitments the online retailer has made. Continue reading

Ecommerce Europe Trustmark rolls out in 11 countries

Ecommerce Europe Trustmark

Ecommerce Europe has finally started the rollout of its pan-European trustmark. Starting today, more than 10,000 certified online stores can join the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark for free. By establishing one European set of rules, Ecommerce Europe wants to further stimulate cross-border ecommerce in Europe. Continue reading

Luxembourg joins Ecommerce Europe

Luxembourg joins Ecommerce Europe

The Luxembourg E-commerce Association has joined Ecommerce Europe, the organization that represents over 25,000 online retailers across Europe. By joining Ecommerce Europe, Luxembourg has become the 18th national association member. The cross-border experiences of the Luxembourg ecommerce sector are said to be of great added value to the knowledge of the association. Continue reading

EMOTA launches European Trust Mark for ecommerce

European Trust Mark for ecommerce launched

EMOTA, the European ecommerce association, has officially launched its European Trust Mark. Starting today, the accompanied logo will appear on websites that comply with the trading practices laid down by the European Trust Mark. Continue reading