The daily price change ratio in European ecommerce

The daily price change ratio in European ecommerce

Some online stores tend to adjust their prices, so consumers won’t go ordering something at a competitor’s website. For Ecommerce News Europe, price tracking software provider Prisync looked at how many ecommerce websites in Europe change their prices daily and how high the stock-out ratio is in these countries.

Prisync is a Turkish company that offers a competitor price tracking software for ecommerce companies all around the globe. Last year, it monitored over 4.5 billion prices with its automatic scan software, so it seems the company has something to say about prices across Europe.

For our Dutch website Ecommerce News, Prisync found that Dutch online stores are quite active when it comes to price changes, even though major players like Amazon aren’t fully active in the Netherlands and local giants like or Coolblue don’t even have a price-competing strategy.

Daily price change ratio and stock-out ratio

About one in six online stores in the Netherlands uses prices that end with a 9, so for example €3.99 or €9.99. This share of 16 percent is higher than the global average that is measured to be around 10 percent. The daily price change ratio in the Netherlands is 1.7 percent, which means that 1.7 percent of all Dutch prices monitored by PriSync aren’t the same anymore the next day. Prisync also discovered that in the Netherlands only 3 percent of the articles is sold out.

In other European countries, we see some slightly different numbers. For example, the daily price change ratio in Sweden is much lower than in the Netherlands: only 0.62 of all prices monitored changed the next day. In Germany, it’s much higher: 5.51 percent.

The global average stock-out ratio is about 15 percent. The Netherlands is way below this with 3 percent, but Sweden and Germany also perform well with this metric. France however, is one of the exceptions, as 14.29 percent of the articles monitored was sold out.

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