2018’s state of cross-border ecommerce in Europe

Cross-border ecommerce in Europe

Cross-border ecommerce is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Of the parcels bought cross-border last year, 38 percent were purchased from China. And consumers prefer more and more to shop across the borders using their smartphones. Continue reading

Shopify sees revenue increase by 59 percent


Shopify has passed the 1 billion dollar revenue mark. The company’s full revenue growth for 2018 reached 1.073 billion dollars, which corresponds to 950 million euros. This revenue mark is a 59 percent increase from the situation last year. Continue reading

Online food & personal care in Europe worth €56bn by 2022


Sales of food and personal care are going well in European ecommerce and are set to increase by 54 percent in the next years. This means the online food and personal care industry will be worth over 56 billion euros by 2022. Continue reading

Annual retail sales via internet are up


The volume of retail sales via mail order houses or the internet keeps on growing in Europe. In 2017, the figures show a year-on-year increase of 12 percent in the European Union. Estonia showed the largest annual growth, while there were falls in Finland and Portugal. Continue reading

February: ecommerce events in Europe

Ecommerce events in February

January is over, so it’s time for a fresh new month with fresh new ecommerce events to visit across Europe! So, as always, we’ve made a handy overview for you, so you know when and where an ecommerce event takes place this month in Europe. Continue reading

Vente-Privee and its other brands form Veepee


The popular French online shop Vente-Privee has merged with five other brands to form a new online store called Veepee. This new name will now be used in fourteen different countries in which Vente-Privee, Vente-Exclusive and the three other European brands are active. Continue reading

Alipay gets Luxembourg e-money license to serve Europe

Alipay in Europe

Alipay, the fintech company owned by Alibaba, has obtained an electronic money license in Luxembourg. With this license, Alipay can serve the European market. The Asian payments company is already present with a licensed entity in London, but it can now serve customers across Europe. Continue reading

January: ecommerce events in Europe

Ecommerce events in Europe in January

January isn’t a very busy month when it comes to visiting some interesting ecommerce events in Europe. Still, the events you can visit in January, are very interesting. So, as always, we’ve made a handy overview for you, so you know when and where an ecommerce event takes place this month in Europe. Continue reading

The best ecommerce Christmas commercials of 2018

Happy holidays

The Ecommerce News staff is enjoying the holidays in the presence of their family and friends. So, there are no posts for the coming days. But please, enjoy these beautiful, funny and touching Christmas ads, from retailers such as John Lewis, Amazon and Asda. Continue reading

Guess fined for blocking cross-border sales in Europe


The European Commission has given fashion retailer Guess a fine worth almost 40 million euros (39,821,000 to be precise). The US company got the fine for restricting retailers from online advertising and selling cross-border to consumers in other EU countries. This is called geo-blocking and in breach of European competition rules. Continue reading

‘Google Shopping enables fake competition for ads’

Google Shopping

In Europe, Google was forced to open up its shopping service to outside competitors. But now it seems that digital marketing agencies are profiting from the changed auction model instead of the traditional comparison shopping sites: 23 percent of all ads seem to be from marketing agencies. Continue reading

EU ends geoblocking in ecommerce

European Union

The European Union has called an end to geoblocking for online shoppers. This means that ecommerce websites in the EU can no longer block visitors from other EU countries. The new law has come into force this week. Continue reading

The average shipping costs in Europe


Shipping costs are one of the most important factors for ecommerce businesses. If you’re an online retailer, it’s important to know how much sending a package will cost you. But the average cost of shipping is different in every country. The 2018 Shipping Price Index shows you what the most expensive countries are for shipping a package. Continue reading

Ecommerce Foundation acquires Scamadviser


Ecommerce Foundation has acquired the British website Scamadviser, which aims to help online shoppers make a well-informed decision before they buy something online. With the technology behind the website, Ecommerce Foundation wants to further strengthen its global ecommerce trustmark solution. Continue reading

40% of new sellers Amazon Europe are based in China

Amazon Marketplace is growing fast worldwide. In one year’s time, there are one million new sellers on the Amazon marketplaces across the globe. Many new sellers are Chinese. In Europe for example, 40 percent of new sellers are based in China. Continue reading