No ecommerce site without using any software. Whether it’s shopping cart software, payment solutions, plugins, inventory management systems, you need to have software. And that’s why we often write about software. So, if you want to check out news on ecommerce software, management software or payment providers, check out all the articles below!

Custom software popular with top German online stores

Ecommerce software

About 40% of the turnover created by the thousand biggest online stores in Germany was achieved on websites that run on custom software solutions. The second most popular option is Amazon Webstore, with almost 20 percent of total sales. Another popular ecommerce solution in Germany is Hybris. Continue reading

Magento 2 is finally here, but is it still relevant?

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It took several years, but the developer beta of Magento 2 has finally been released. It will still take another year before merchants are generally able to use the new ecommerce software. So we asked ourselves if Magento isn’t too late with its next edition. Will Magento 2 still be relevant when it’s open to the public? Continue reading

Ecommerce software BiedMeer becomes CCV Shop and expands in Europe

Dutch ecommerce software provider BiedMeer will change its name into CCV Shop starting January 13, 2015. The company was acquired by CCV Group nine months ago and it now wants to use this name to start its services in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, as the name “BiedMeer” (literally: “offer more”) won’t ring any bells across the Dutch borders. Continue reading

Avalara and GlobalCollect want to simplify cross-border ecommerce

Avalara, that helps businesses achieve compliance with tax requirements, and payment service provider GlobalCollect are partnering up. The strategic partnership should simplify cross-border ecommerce by offering ecommerce businesses localized payment solutions, while ensuring they remain fully compliant with transactional tax regulations. Continue reading

Hybris partners with marketplace management solution Neteven

Hybris has partnered with online marketplace management solution Neteven. Thanks to this partnership, customers from Hybris are now able to distribute their products on more than fifty international marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, Zalando and Rakuten, while managing and optimizing the sales cycle still happens from the Hybris platform. Continue reading