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Statistics are boring? Hell no! They can be very interesting, if you are interested in the ecommerce industry that is. Check out this category to see some stunning numbers and data about the ecommerce industry in different European countries or about a certain company.

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Infographic: European ecommerce grows 18% to €155bn

Total ecommerce sales in Europe will grow 18 percent to 155 billion euros this year. For next year there’s also growth of 18 percent predicted, which will lead to total ecommerce sales of 181 billion euros by 2015. Let’s have a look at a fun infographic full of interesting stats about ecommerce in Europe. Continue reading

Central European ecommerce to grow to €93.3bn

With an average growth rate of 19% in 2012 the ecommerce industry in Central Europe was growing almost as hard as the European average, which is 19.9%. The region’s ecommerce market was worth 75.9 billion euros in 2012, but it’s expected to have grown to 93.3 billion euros last year, which comes down to an increase of 23% in 2013. Continue reading

Online furniture retailer Westwing grows rapidly

Westwing today announced it has grown net revenues to 110 million euros last year. The online furniture retailer is growing rapidly, as this is just its second full year of business. It previously generated net sales of 41 million in 2012 and 0.5 million euros in 2011. So last year it grew nearly three times. Continue reading

Ecommerce Hungary grows to 640 million euros

The ecommerce market in Hungary has grown to 200 billion Hungarian forint or 640 million euros in 2013. The total retail industry in Hungary is worth 224 billion euros, which makes the ecommerce industry account for 3% of total retail sales. That is still below the average European online share of total retail, which was 8.8% in 2012. Continue reading

Ecommerce Sweden grows to 4.17 billion euros

The ecommerce industry in Sweden has increased significantly last year, and it now accounts for a respectable part of all Swedish retail sales. The growth of Swedish ecommerce in 2013 has been the largest since 2007. Last year this business increased with 17 percent to 37 billion Swedish kronor, eg. 4.17 billion euros. Continue reading

Ecommerce Switzerland grows 9.7% to €5.14bn

The online retail and mail order business in Switzerland has grown with 9.7% in 2013. The market is now worth 6.25 billion Swiss francs or 5.14 billion euros. Best selling product categories in Switzerland are consumer electronics and clothing. The majority of Swiss consumers, almost nine in ten, prefer to pay by invoice. Nearly 10% of all orders are done with mobile devices. Continue reading

‘Europe is missing the digital revolution’

‘Europe is missing the digital revolution’

Europe is not investing enough in the Web. Out of 35 countries, only 9 have at least half of their companies online. And in terms of ecommerce it’s not particularly better. The United Kingdom and the Czech Republic are performing best, although only 11% of their businesses present online have the internet opted as (extra) sales channel. Continue reading

German ecommerce grows 42% to €39bn

The German ecommerce industry grew 42% last year, so that it now is worth 39,1 billion euros. For the upcoming year a growth of about 25% is expected. Clothing is by far the most important product category in German ecommerce and women are a major source of revenue online. Continue reading

Number of online stores in the Netherlands recounted

One of the statistics you can use when you talk about a country’s ecommerce situation, is the number of online stores. But it is also something that’s hard to know for sure. We took it upon ourselves to recount the number of online stores in The Netherlands. And guess what? There seems to be much more than one might think! Continue reading

Polish ecommerce to exceed €7 billion this year

The ecommerce industry in Poland will probably be worth more than 30 billion Polish zloty, ie 7.17 billion euros, this year. At the moment its total sales are at about 25 billion Polish zloty, or 5.9 billion euros. The local ecommerce market is growing rapidly and it’s unlike to slow down this year. Continue reading

Eastern European ecommerce to grow to €19,3bn

The ecommerce market of Eastern Europe may be the smallest of the four European regions, it has seen in fact the biggest growth in terms of percentage. Because with an average growth rate of 35.7% over the year 2012, this ecommerce market was the strongest growing region in Europe that year. Continue reading

Less than 10k revenue for half of Dutch online stores

Although the majority of Dutch web merchants think their online store will be still active in 2020, but practice proves otherwise. Almost half of Dutch online entrepreneurs have had a revenue smaller than 10,000 euros in 2012. About 80% have never even earned an average income with their online store. Continue reading

Ecommerce Romania grows to €600 mln

The local ecommerce market in Romania reached approximately 600 million euros in 2013. Approximately, because these are not the hard facts but based on statements given by the main players of the Romanian online retail market. According to data from GPeC, one in four Romanian internet users buy online. Continue reading

ePages sees accelerating sales all across Europe

ePages, an ecommerce solution with most of its clients in Europe, saw some nice growth in the online market. For example in Germany, revenue of its users grew with 14%, while the number of orders grew by 11%. Italian users even saw their revenue increase with 59%. Continue reading