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Consumer behavior

We share lots of articles containing hard statistics about ecommerce in Europe, but sometimes these are just numbers. Sometimes it can be more interesting to know more about the consumers driving these statistics. On this page you’ll find article we’ve written about online consumer behavior in Europe.

Irish consumers will spend 31% more on Christmas this year

The average Irish shopper will buy twenty-two Christmas presents this year, which is an increase of 31% compared to last year. On average, Irish consumers will spend 266 euros on holiday gifts. Of these gifts, twelve of them will be bought online this year. Continue reading

80% of all French internet users buy online

Online purchasing is becoming more and more popular in France as is recently shown by the success of the local Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For the first time in the history of the French ecommerce the percentage of internet users who bought something online went over 80%. There were nearly 35 million Internet users who made online purchases in the third quarter of 2014, which is 2.2 million more than one year before. The number of online shoppers grew by 7%, while Internet penetration grew by 2%. Continue reading

Europeans will spend €1.67bn online during busiest shopping days

Soon it will be Christmas. And that means spending some precious time with your beloved ones, but Christmas is also about presents. And Europeans love to shop those presents online. As a matter of fact, in Europe 19.3% of online sales for the year will land dur­ing Christ­mas, which is a 10 per­cent increase over last year. And together, Europeans will spend 1.67 billion euros during peak online shop­ping days across the countries. Continue reading

See ecommerce happening in real-time

The ecommerce industry is one of the fastest growing sectors. Billions of dollars, euros, yens and sterlings go from consumers to online retailers. But how fast is the ecommerce industry really growing? Check out this interactive visualization to see how fast ecommerce sales grow in countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands. Continue reading

3 in 4 Belarusian internet users shop online

What is there to say about the ecommerce industry of Belarus? Well, the share of Belarusian internet users who shop online has hit 75 percent. And more than half of those online shoppers buy home appliances and mobile devices. People in Belarus are still eager to pay their goods ordered online by paying cash on delivery. Continue reading

One in three Spaniards made a purchase online

Eight in ten Spanish inhabitants rate the general economic situation in Spain as bad or very bad. And 23 percent thinks that within a year the situation will be even worse than it is now. And it seems the situation isn’t any better online. In the past twelve months, only 36.5 percent made a purchase on the internet. Continue reading

The online shopping habits of Polish internet users

As is common nowadays in almost all developed countries, Polish internet users also don’t limit themselves to a PC when making a purchase online. There is even one in every 25 users who has at least once done some online shopping using their e-book reader! Let’s have a look at the way Polish internet users are shopping online these days. Continue reading

Every fourth Polish user shops for grocery online

Of all Polish internet users, 24 percent do their grocery shopping online. This number indicates a growing popularity among Polish shoppers as two years ago only 8 percent of the internet users declared they had some experience with online grocery shopping. Last year this number grew to 13 percent. Continue reading

Russians starting to embrace e-wallets

More Russian consumers are shopping online, but still the lion’s share of payments happen with cash. But that may be something of the past soon, as electronic wallets are gaining some serious ground in the Russian ecommerce industry. And this of course will help drive the growth of online retail in Russia. Continue reading

Danes buy 33% more online for Christmas than in 2012

Holiday ecommerce sales in Denmark will be around 1.2 billion Danish kroner (160,9 euros). That’s 33% more than the 0.9 billion of Danish kroner the country saw being spent on holiday gifts in 2012. Almost four in ten consumers expect to buy their Christmas gifts online, while 29% said they wouldn’t. These are almost the same percentages as a year before. Continue reading

59% of EU internet users shop online

Nearly 60% of all internet users in Europe had shopped online last year. The highest shares of online shoppers can be found in the United Kingdom (82% of internet users), Denmark and Sweden (both 79%) and Germany (77%). The lowest shares were registered in Romania (11%) and Bulgaria (17%). Continue reading

These 5 EU countries are most ecommerce-ready

When does a country have a lot of ecommerce potential? Is it about population size, income per capita or the amount of money online spent? It’s all of these and a lot more variables that characterizes a ecommerce market primed for growth. Forrester compared 55 countries, and of the 10 most ecommerce-ready markets, there are 5 European countries: UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Continue reading

Less frequent shoppers in Denmark

The frequency of purchases made online in Denmark was down in the first quarter of this year. The amount of shoppers that bought five times or more in Q1 2013 has dropped by almost half, compared with the same period a year earlier. Continue reading

6 in 10 Belgians order online

More and more Belgians buy their stuff online. Especially clothes and shoes appear to be very popular products in Belgium to order via the internet. Also, more elder people bought online and for someone to decide if he wants to buy online, product prices are a key factor. Continue reading