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Consumer behavior

We share lots of articles containing hard statistics about ecommerce in Europe, but sometimes these are just numbers. Sometimes it can be more interesting to know more about the consumers driving these statistics. On this page you’ll find article we’ve written about online consumer behavior in Europe.

Consumers in Austria spend 885 euros online per year

Ecommerce in Austria

Ecommerce in Austria is growing rapidly and so is the willingness of Austrian consumers to buy goods online. Last year, the online sales per capita were worth 885 euros, which makes Austria one of the top countries in this area. Continue reading

UK shoppers spend online 4.5 times more on FMCG than offline

Online groceries

Consumers in the United Kingdom spent on average 74.09 euros per online FMCG purchase in 2016, which corresponds with a decrease of over 2 percent compared to the situation a year before. But still, the online ticket was 4.5 times higher than the offline one. Globally, only in Thailand consumers spend much more online on fast-moving consumer goods than they do offline. Continue reading

6 percent of Europeans shop online every day

Shopping online in Europe

Europeans are quite active in the ecommerce market. One in four Europeans with internet access shopped online at least once a week last year, while over 60 percent shopped online once a month. And 6 percent of Europeans shop online every day. Continue reading

The time Europeans take to buy something online


Consumers rarely buy something online directly after they have seen it in an online store. It takes some time between visiting an ecommerce website and completing the purchase. Shopalike analyzed the buying behavior of European consumers and discovered some interesting findings. Continue reading

1 in 4 Polish e-consumers will spend more online

Online shopping in Poland

One in four Polish online consumers is planning to increase their expenditures on online shopping. They are also spending more on clothing and accessories and less on mobile devices than they did a year ago. Also, men spend more on electronics, while women spend more on books, CDs and films. Continue reading

1 in 6 Dutch will order groceries online in 2017

Online groceries

Almost 1.6 million Dutch people already shopped for groceries online at least once and expectations are the 2 million milestone will be reached next year. This means that one in six Dutch will buy their groceries online in 2017. The total revenue of online supermarkets in the Netherlands is expected to increase by 30 percent. Continue reading

Russians buy online more often

Ecommerce in Russia

Consumers in Russia are buying more online. During the first half of this year, the total amount of online payments grew by 12 percent, while the number of transactions increased by 27 percent, compared to the second half of 2015. Continue reading

‘72% of UK consumers shop more if same-day delivery is possible’


Consumers in the UK are spending 5.77 billion euros less with their favorite high street retailers online than they would have if there were more delivery options. If same-day delivery was a possible option, 72 percent of consumers would shop more, spending an average of 198 euros extra each year. Continue reading

Over half of online shoppers EU bought clothing in 2015


Over half of online shoppers in the European Union bought clothes and sports goods online last year. Clothing is the most popular product category online in many European countries, such as the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Turkey and Finland. Continue reading

Seniors in Spain increasingly shop online

Senior in Spain

Older consumers in Spain, ages 50 and up, were always among the most hesitant to use the internet or to shop online, but this trend is slowly shifting. Now internet is a common destination for Spanish seniors when asked where they most often buy products and services. Continue reading

79% of European consumers abandon online purchases

Almost 8 out of 10 consumers in Europe abandoned their online shopping cart at least once within the last six months. Within the last month, the percentage is still 39 percent. And almost a third of people never returned to complete the purchase, new research shows. Continue reading

65% of internet users in the EU shopped online in 2015

European Union (EU)

Nearly two thirds of internet users in the European Union made online purchases in 2015. The share of online shoppers in internet users is growing, with the highest proportions (both 68%) being found in the group of 16 to 24 year olds and that of 25 to 54 year olds. Continue reading

Share of online grocery shoppers hasn’t changed in Germany

Online groceries in Germany

About one in four online shoppers in Germany have ordered foods or drinks online. This percentage is the same as it was last year, when 28% of online consumers shopped groceries online. A new study shows that about nine in ten shoppers are satisfied with shopping groceries online, only 7 percent is somewhat dissatisfied with the experience. Continue reading