Russians starting to embrace e-wallets

More Russian consumers are shopping online, but still the lion’s share of payments happen with cash. But that may be something of the past soon, as electronic wallets are gaining some serious ground in the Russian ecommerce industry. And this of course will help drive the growth of online retail in Russia. Continue reading

Facts & figures about ecommerce in Poland

Poland is one of Europe’s fastest growing ecommerce markets and it’s also a very strategic geographical location for those who would like to expand further into the Eastern European market. Software development company Dotcom River took a very good look at the ecommerce market in Poland and released a study, of which we’ll show the most important results. Continue reading

Click & Drive extremely popular in France

The number of so called Click & Drives, where consumers can pick up their goods at a drive-through so they don’t have to get out of the car, went up to 2031 in France. The Click & Drives now outnumber the hypermarkets in France, of which there are 2022 of them. Continue reading

There are 85,000 online stores in Spain

There are approximately 85,000 active online stores in Spain. One in four of these online shops is based on the ecommerce software from PrestaShop. Magento and OpenCart are also quite popular. This may be the first time someone has really tried to figure out how many online stores there active in Spain. Continue reading

The Canary Islands and ecommerce, a tough combination

The People’s Party in Spain rejected an amendment in the Senate from the Canarian Coalition, who wanted better ecommerce support for the Canary Islands. The Canarian nationalist political party would like to end discrimination towards the islands with regards to ecommerce. Online retailers now have to pay a lot to ship orders to the mainland of Spain. Continue reading

Zara launches online store in Romania

Zara, one of the brands from Spanish multinational clothing company Inditex, still believes in the power of ecommerce and is now preparing the launch of its online store in Romania. The date of launch is April 2, so Romanian fashionistas still have to wait till next Wednesday. Continue reading

Visa’s digital wallet service gets more support in Europe

Visa Europe have announced this week new partnerships with 15 European internet payment service providers, which will increase the reach of its digital wallet This service has now access to their extensive ecommerce merchant portfolios and Visa expects many more retailers will follow and be capable of processing transactions by the end of this year. Continue reading

Ecommerce to be biggest driver German retail sector in 2014

The retail turnover in Germany is likely to increase slightly in 2014. And ecommerce is entirely responsible for this growth, because brick and mortar retail sales in Germany fall for the first time in 2014. The overall retail turnover for this year will increase by 1.2%. Continue reading

Export groups help British companies sell in Eastern Europe

In the United Kingdom there are recently several activities employed and online platforms launched aimed at boosting trade with Central and Eastern Europe. A new UK-based ecommerce site for example aims to alert local companies about business opportunities in Romania, while another initiative is focused on selling British food online in Poland. Continue reading

Analytics solution Ometria raises €1.08mn in seed funding

The UK-based startup Ometria has disclosed a 1.5 million dollar (€1.08 million) seed round this week from a group of angel investors. The new funding will be used to grow the team and to further develop its ecommerce intelligence platform, which provides retailers with insights relating to customer behavior and product performance. Continue reading

Ecommerce the Netherlands grows 8.5% to €10.6bn

The ecommerce market in the Netherlands has grown with 8.5% to reach 10.6 billion euros. It’s for the first time ever Dutch online stores together sell more than ten billion euros. The number of online orders also grew, thanks to a rise of 11% there were almost 100 million orders last year. Continue reading

Digital payment solution MasterPass debuts in Italy

MasterCard has launched its digital payment solution MasterPass in Italy. The Southern European country is one of the first in Europe where this solution is launched, as it’s now only active in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. But more European countries will follow soon. Continue reading

H&M launches its online store in France

H&M has expanded its online territory by launching an online store in France, which makes it the tenth market for the Swedish retailer to have an online presence. Of course French customers can shop for a wide range of clothing and accessories, but with H&M Home they can also shop online for home goods. Continue reading

Ecommerce Belgium grows 26% to €1.91bn

2013 proved to be a very good year for the ecommerce industry in Belgium. The Western European country has caught up with its neighbor countries and the forecasts for 2014 are also very positive. Online sales in Belgium grew 25,66% to reach 1.91 billion euros last year. Continue reading