Cross-channel will account for 44% of retail sales by 2018

The number of cross-channel consumers will increase in the future. By 2018, about 44% of in-store sales will have been influenced by the internet. In the next few years, more people will research products at home or in the store using a sales assistant’s tablet or their own mobile device before they decide to buy something in store. Continue reading

Swedish ecommerce company Funera enters funeral market

The new ecommerce company Funera wants to make it cheaper to die. The Swedish startup offers funerals costing 590 kronor (€65) whereas a simple funeral costs between 15,000 and 20,000 kronor (€1656-€2208) in Sweden. Funera has lower margins on their coffins, but they also want to cut costs for personal meetings and administration. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Russia worth €9.41bn in 2013

The online retail industry in Russia was worth 9.41 billion euros in 2013, which corresponds to a 34% increase on 2012. According to recent research, this growth will continue, taking the annual ecommerce revenue in Russia to more than 20.34 billion euros by 2016. Continue reading

Every fourth Polish user shops for grocery online

Of all Polish internet users, 24 percent do their grocery shopping online. This number indicates a growing popularity among Polish shoppers as two years ago only 8 percent of the internet users declared they had some experience with online grocery shopping. Last year this number grew to 13 percent. Continue reading

Cross-border ecommerce flourishes in Europe

Partly as a result of lawmakers wanting to create a single online retail infrastructure and regulation, cross-border ecommerce is thriving in Europe. As a matter of fact, more than a quarter of online shoppers in the European Union have made purchases from other EU countries. In the Euro area this share is even higher. Continue reading

Funding for social loyalty platform LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion has closed a seed funding round of 370,000 euros led by EC1 Capital. The European social loyalty platform enables small ecommerce stores to offer a loyalty scheme that rewards customers for all sorts of activities. It’s compatible with commonly-used ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and SEOshop. Continue reading to match prices from online rivals

Russian consumer electronics chain wants to grab more market share and in order to achieve this the retailer plans to bring its prices into line with rivals like Ulmart. “Only the price factor can still potentially limit shopping with us, so we will take this issue off the table,” says’s CEO Alexander Tynkovan. Continue reading

QVC expands European presence to France

Multimedia retailer QVC has announced it’s planning the launch of a French website, should be a place to shop online in the second quarter of 2015. With the launch of the French service, QVC expand its global ecommerce business to seven operation reaching nine countries. Continue reading

Hermes Group passes €2bn revenue mark

Hermes Group has recorded sales of 2.08 billion euros. Its twelve individual companies grew their combined sales by 8% year-on-year in 2013. Parcel volumes grew by 10%, which led to the Anglo-German parcel carrier handling around 496 million items during last year. Continue reading

Ecommerce UK shows strongest Q1 growth since 2011

The ecommerce industry in the United Kingdom has seen the strongest first quarter growth since three years. Sales in the first quarter of this year grew 17% compared to the first quarter of 2013 and during the first three months of this year the industry was worth 28 billion euros. Continue reading

An overview of mcommerce in Europe

Mobile shopping is well established in Europe. Mcommerce takes actively place in developed countries like the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany, but it is also growing fast in more emerging markets like Russia or Turkey. For almost every country there’s something to say about its usage of mobile devices on online shopping, so let’s have a look at an overview of mcommerce in Europe… Continue reading receives €74mln in funding has received 74 million euros worth of funding from investment companies Macquarie Capital and Prime Ventures. It’s not the first time the Dutch company, specialized in online food ordering and home delivery, got funding as it received an investment of 13 million euros from Prime Ventures back in 2012. Continue reading

H&M most valuable retail brand in Europe

Interbrand published its ‘Best Retail Brands’ list for the fourth time and this year it seems that Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is Europe’s most valuable retail brand. The original Swedish fashion company is ranked as the top retailer in Europe with 13.11 billion euros. The world’s most valuable retail brand is Walmart, which has an estimated brand value of 95.15 billion euros. Continue reading

Newegg expands to the United Kingdom

Newegg has started a pilot program that makes a limited selection of its products available to customers in the United Kingdom and Australia. It’s an important first step in the company’s international expansion plans. In the United Kingdom, Newegg will face massive competition from online players like Amazon, Scan Computers and eBuyer. Continue reading

Nelly’s next step: geographic expansion

Things are going well with Nelly, the Swedish online fashion retailer. The ecommerce company is expanding outside of Europe and it thinks that sales of its own labels will grow to account for as much as 40% of total revenue. And the fact the competition is pushing more and more online, won’t hurt Nelly’s business. The more people shopping online, the merrier! Continue reading