Why you should consider Spain for your ecommerce business

When you think about countries in Europe that can serve as a good market for your ecommerce business, the first that pop up in your mind are probably the United Kingdom, France and Germany. But hey, do not forget about Spain, a country that has made major inroads in terms of ecommerce. Here’s why you should consider Spain for your ecommerce business. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Spain grew to €3.6 billion in Q1 2014

The total turnover of the ecommerce industry in Spain has reached 3.6 billion euros in the first quarter of 2014. When we compare this with the ecommerce turnover in the same period last year, a growth of 27% is noticeable. The ecommerce industry in Spain is now expected to exceed 15 billion euros this year. These are great numbers for a country that is still struggling with its economy. Continue reading

Europe popular choice for cross-border ecommerce

The established but largely divided market in Europe is a popular choice for cross-border ecommerce. Europeans love to shop online on foreign sites, but there’s also a strong preference for expansion in this region. But companies should not only focus on powerhouses UK, Germany and France, they also need to look at Eastern Europe. The growing markets of Europe could provide a more unique, value-driven cross-border opportunity. Continue reading

Southern European ecommerce to grow to €47.8bn

With regards to the financial crisis, Southern Europe is still one of the most damaged regions in Europe. But maybe the ecommerce industry can change this, little by little. It’s estimated that online sales in this region will reach 47.8 billion euros at the end of this year, while this part of Europe also has shown an average annual growth rate of 22% since 2010. Continue reading

Watch manufacturer Shinola expands to Europe

Shinola has opened its ecommerce website for visitors from Europe. Now people from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom can order the Detroit-built watches, bicycles, journals, leather goods and shoe polish online. The expansion is a response to the growing international demand for the brand. Continue reading

UPS My Choice expands to 12 European countries

UPS has announced the expansion of UPS My Choice and the UPS Access Point network to 15 additional countries, including 12 in Europe. With these two services, online shoppers and global retailers have new personalized solutions to manage residential package deliveries. Continue reading