Top 10 online stores in Germany

The economy of Germany is the largest in Europe, representing 4.54 percent of the global economy. So it’s no surprise Germany, together with the United Kingdom and France, accounts for a huge share of Europe’s ecommerce industry. And the top 10 online stores in Germany features many local players.


Ecommerce in Germany is quite different from the online retail industries in the UK or France. For starters, German consumers are very keen on certain legal rules. Take the written warning for example. This legal instrument is very popular among consumers and is often used against online merchants when there is a violation of consumer law, competition law or other legislation.

Germany is also different from other ecommerce markets in Europe when it comes to paying online. Many German consumers still prefer to pay on account, whereas consumers in other European countries often don’t have any problems with paying upfront, before getting the items they have ordered online.

The top 10 online stores in Germany

The top ten of online stores in Germany is a nice mix between local and foreign players. Of course, the top 10 list changes every year. But in 2017, this was the list of ten biggest online stores in Germany, based on data from EHI Retail Institute:

1. Amazon €8,816,700,000
2. Otto €2,956,000,000
3. Zalando €1,281,400,000
4. Notebooksbilliger €751,500,000
5. MediaMarkt €734,200,000
6. Lidl €594,000,000
7. Bonprix €591,300,000
8. Cyberport €533,000,000
9. Conrad €494,400,000
10. Alternate €472,200,000

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