Top 10 online stores in Switzerland

The list of the highest ranking online stores in Switzerland is a combination of local and international stores. Local online sellers have a large market share, ensuring them places even in the top three. Let us have a look at the current top 10 online stores in the country.

The top 10 online stores in Switzerland

Two of the three online stores in the top three are local stores with a large market share. International sellers have also increased their market share, making them part of the top 10. Of course, the list changes every year. In 2023, this was the list of the 10 biggest online stores in Switzerland, based on their online revenue.

1. Zalando 1.69 billion euros
2. Galaxus 1.38 billion euros
3. Digitec 1.07 billion euros
4. Amazon 974 million euros
5. Ricardo 818 million euros
6. Brack 557.5 million euros
7. Nespresso 409.2 million euros
8. AliExpress 399 million euros
9. Temu 358.1 million euros
10. Migros 351.9 million euros

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Information about the main online sellers

Currently, Zalando is the biggest online seller in the country. However, local players seem to be catching up with the international ecommerce giant. Below, we will provide more information about the main local online sellers:

galaxus logoGalaxus

Online department store Galaxus sells more than five million products, from household goods to toys and sporting goods. It was launched in 2012 and is a subsidiary of Digitec Galaxus AG. The online store launched in Austria in 2021, and in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and France in 2023.


Digitec is a local online store selling PCs, as well as other IT products and consumer electronics. It was founded in 2001 and is currently the online electronics market leader. There are ten branches of the company spread across German- and French-speaking Switzerland. Digitec’s founders later also founded Galaxus.


Online marketplace Ricardo was founded in 1999, under the name auktion24. According to the platform, over 4 million members trade goods on the website. Over 1.9 million offers are available daily. Products range from cars to clothing and garden tools. Users can place bids or buy products immediately.

Other online stores in the top 10

Another well-known local online store in the top 10 is Brack, an online store selling over 250,000 products from more than 6,000 manufacturers. It sells products in several categories, from IT, to household & living, and sports.

Other sellers in the list are international players, like Nespresso, AliExpress and Turkish online supermarket Migros. Ecommerce giant Amazon did not make it into the top three, which is unlike in many other countries in Europe. Temu first entered the top 10 in 2023, and is growing rapidly in Switzerland.

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