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UK shoppers more conscious of their security online

Half of online shoppers in the United Kingdom think that retailers could be doing more to keep them safe online. They feel that they now are more conscious of their security online than they were twelve months ago. It seems that 1 in 4 online consumers have been, or have a family members who has been, a victim of online fraud.

This appears from a survey conducted by eDigitalResearch and IMRG. Of the 2,000 online consumers surveyed the majority feels that it is up to retailers to invest in powerful security and privacy policies to keep them safe when shopping online. Only a handful of consumers think that security notifications and reminders to update their passwords would be helpful.

According to Derek Eccleston, commercial director at eDigitalResearch, it’s clear that security really has become a crucial factor in the online customer journey. “Onus from consumers is very much on retailers to invest in and improve their security measures for their online customers – over two thirds (67%) expect organizations to contact them immediately (within 6 hours) by email or phone if security had been breached and it leads to a potential loss of data.”

Consumers are also to blame
But are retailers the only one to blame? We beg to differ, as a significant percentage of the consumers surveyed were not aware of basis security measure, like regularly updating their passwords. Just two thirds use different passwords for different sites and 6% were not even aware they should or could update their passwords every once in a while.

Earlier this month, figures from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureaux revealed online shopping and auction scams were the most common fraud reported last year, costing online shoppers in the United Kingdom 81.7 million euros.