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Ecommerce in France expected to reach 60 billion euros this year

The growth of the ecommerce industry in France is now less strong than it was a few years ago, but this does not prevent the industry from setting new records quarter after quarter. Between April and June this year, the Fédération E-commerce et Vente à Distance (FEVAD) has recorded more than 13.3 billion euros in online sales, up 10.5% year-on-year. Continue reading

The European online grocery shopper

Online grocery shopping is getting more and more popular. In fact, the global online grocery market is expected to grow with 25% over the next five years. SyndicatePlus believes online grocery is the next frontier in ecommerce and took it upon themselves to map the European online grocery shopper. Let’s have a look at their study. Continue reading

The Dutch spent 6.58 billion euros online during first half of 2014

Dutch consumers bought 53 million products and services online worth 6.58 billion euros during the first six months of 2014. This corresponds to the ecommerce industry being responsible for 18% of all spending in the Netherlands. Almost 4% of all purchases were done online during this half year. Continue reading

MetaPack acquires US shipping vendor ABOL Software

MetaPack today announced the acquisition of ABOL Software, an American provider of multi-carrier shipping software. With the acquisition MetaPack’s global delivery services offering gets expanded and opens up a new market for customers who want to drive cross-border sales and improve their international delivery experience. Continue reading

Ecommerce Europe wants to launch European review system

Ecommerce Europe wants to launch a review system for online stores in Europe in early 2015. With this system, customers from webshops that are gathered under the accompanied trustmark can see the shop’s performance and with this information decide if they want to order there. Continue reading

‘Amazon wants to launch in the Netherlands as soon as possible’

Amazon is getting very serious about entering the Dutch market with its online store. More and more publishers state the American ecommerce giant has contacted them to negotiate about selling e-books. But it won’t be easy for Jeff Bezos’s brainchild as Dutch publishers aren’t so eager to join forces with Amazon. Continue reading

Dutch online-only retailer Wehkamp expands to Belgium

Dutch online retailer Wehkamp

Wehkamp will launch a Belgian website later this year. The Dutch company is developing a completely new online store for the Belgian market. The product range will consist of some 150,000 item from about 1200 different brands. It’s for the first time ever Wehkamp has gone cross-border. Continue reading

Klarna announces plans to expand to the US in 2015

Klarna today announced plans to expand its services to the United States in early 2015. To drive this expansion, the Swedish ecommerce company has recruited executives from Apple, PayPal and Alliance Data. In less than ten years Klarna grew to became a well-know and very popular payment solution in Europe. Next stop: the USA. Continue reading

No right of withdrawal for ecommerce in Switzerland

The Federal Council of Switzerland wanted to introduce a right of return for the local ecommerce industry, just like has happened in the majority of Europe, but the National Council was against it. Even if this meant Swiss consumers would be disadvantaged against EU citizens. But for purchases over the phone, customers still have some important rights. Continue reading

The biggest online stores in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria

What are the biggest online stores in leading ecommerce countries like Germany or the Netherlands and which players dominate the ecommerce industry in the Alps? We’ve got the answers for you and we can already give one thing away: Amazon is everywhere and seems very unstoppable. Continue reading

Neiman Marcus buys German retailer Mytheresa

Neiman Marcus Group has bought, a German luxury apparel and accessories retailer. With this acquisition the American department store is expanding its international reach. With online sales representing 24 percent of total sales, Neiman Marcus already has a large ecommerce business, but its latest addition gives the company exposure to a growing online luxury market outside the USA. Continue reading

Login and Pay with Amazon now available in Europe

Businesses in Europe can now let customers pay online using Login and Pay with Amazon, a payments feature of Amazon. This way, customers can go from browsing to buying in just a few clicks. They don’t have to create an account on third party sites anymore to complete a purchase. Continue reading