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Klarna hopes to launch in America next year

Klarna hopes to launch in America next year

Online payment solutions provider Klarna recently hired its first employee in America and is hoping to launch in the USA early next year, sources told the New York Times. The ambitious move comes after Klarna became available to British shoppers two months ago. Once started in its home country Sweden, Klarna is slowly moving towards global expansion. Continue reading

Online music store Bax-shop is expanding

The self-appointed ‘biggest online music store in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg’ is planning to spread throughout more countries in Europe. Earlier this year Bax-shop already launched online stores in France ( and Germany ( Sweden, Italy, UK and Spain are on the list for next year.
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Swedish e-commerce attracts capital

New technology solutions, smartphones and changing consumer behavior has given the Swedish retail industry a facelift. Now, the industry is a hot niche for investors as more and more venture capitalists, from Scandinavia as well as other European countries, are investing heavily in Swedish online retailers and other ecommerce companies. Continue reading

Shopping online for groceries popular in Sweden

The online sales of food products in Sweden continues to grow strong. Last year sales increased by 38 percent compared to the previous year. Now more than one in five Swedes has bought groceries online in the past year. Continue reading

Swedish ecommerce continues with strong growth

The ecommerce industry in Sweden continues to grow strongly. Online sales in the first quarter of 2014 increased by 16 percent and this growth was especially noticeable in sectors that previously had limited online sales. Predictions are the ecommerce turnover of Sweden will reach 4.70 billion euros this year. Continue reading

Swedish ecommerce company Funera enters funeral market

The new ecommerce company Funera wants to make it cheaper to die. The Swedish startup offers funerals costing 590 kronor (€65) whereas a simple funeral costs between 15,000 and 20,000 kronor (€1656-€2208) in Sweden. Funera has lower margins on their coffins, but they also want to cut costs for personal meetings and administration. Continue reading

Nelly’s next step: geographic expansion

Things are going well with Nelly, the Swedish online fashion retailer. The ecommerce company is expanding outside of Europe and it thinks that sales of its own labels will grow to account for as much as 40% of total revenue. And the fact the competition is pushing more and more online, won’t hurt Nelly’s business. The more people shopping online, the merrier! Continue reading

Swedish ecommerce shows continued strong growth

The Swedish ecommerce industry grew 19% in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period last year. Ecommerce continues to change the Swedish retail world and every year it takes an increasing share of the traditional retail. Continue reading

CDON launches in Belgium

CDON has announced the local version of in Belgium. The online fashion store was already active in the Northern European country, but that was only through an EU-site in English. Now Belgian consumers are served through a dual language site which is adapted for the local market. Continue reading

Ecommerce Sweden grows to 4.17 billion euros

The ecommerce industry in Sweden has increased significantly last year, and it now accounts for a respectable part of all Swedish retail sales. The growth of Swedish ecommerce in 2013 has been the largest since 2007. Last year this business increased with 17 percent to 37 billion Swedish kronor, eg. 4.17 billion euros. Continue reading

Nordic online stores should think more globally

Some Nordic retailers are well known from all over the world. Take IKEA, H&M and Oriflame for example. But still, online stores from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland must think more globally. Nowadays a lot of these sites only provide other Nordic languages and don’t serve markets with high demand. Continue reading

Volvo’s Roam Delivery service turns car into dropbox

Volvo has showed off its Roam Delivery service, which turns cars into grocery dropboxes. The Swedish manufacturing company calls this groundbreaking and claims it’s the world’s first delivery service for bringing food and other items to the car. Continue reading

Food retailer ICA Sweden goes ecommerce

ICA Sweden is making advanced plans opening an online store later this year. The idea is to give franchisees the opportunity to run their own local online ICA store, while ICA Sweden itself will start an centralized online store. “We think now the time is right.” Continue reading