You can sell your products via a lot of channels. You can sell via your online store, via an app, via a phsyical store or maybe even via a pop-up store. On this page you’ll find all the ecommerce news articles about chross-channel. tests live-chat with showroom staff

Online retailer is testing a feature which enables online shoppers to chat live with showroom employees, so they can get help with queries and shopping decisions. For the implementation of its live-chat, has partnered with live-chat company Hero. Continue reading

‘Luxembourg does too little with ecommerce’

Ecommerce in Luxembourg

It seems that retailers in Luxembourg are still not keen on digitalization. Just 7 percent of tradespeople in this Western European country have an online shop for their goods or services. While other countries in Europe are embracing ecommerce, Luxembourg seems more reluctant. Continue reading

‘Physical stores are the weak link in Swedish omnichannel’

Physical stores

Consumers in Sweden don’t think highly of traditional stores, it seems. A third of shoppers expect to be disappointed by the in-store experience and one in four think the store is outdated when compared to online shopping. The in-store journey should be more connected with customers’ online shopping habits if Swedish retailers want to improve their conversions, a study suggests. Continue reading

51% of UK ecommerce happened via mobile

Mobile payments in Europe

For the first time ever smartphones and tablets accounted for over half of online sales in the United Kingdom. During the period November 2015 to January this year, 51 percent of UK online retail sales took place using smartphones and tablets. This is a significant increase on the 45 percent share recorded in the third quarter of last year. Continue reading

Media-Saturn chairman: “online has its limits”


The Media-Saturn Group wants to open 50 new physical stores across Europe. The German electronics retail group wants to focus more on its omnichannel-strategy. Although the company’s goal with the internet business is still to be worth 15 to 20 percent of its total revenue, the resurrection of the physical store has come in between, says Pieter Haas, chairman of the management board. Continue reading

UK supermarket Sainsbury’s wants Argos

UK supermarket Sainsbury's wants Argos

Supermarket chain J Sainsbury disclosed yesterday that a 1 billion pounds bid for Home Retail, owner of retailer Argos, was rejected two months ago. It’s now thinking about making a formal offer. With the desired acquisition of Home Retail, which also owns Homebase, Sainsbury’s wants to fight the competition of online ecommerce giant Amazon and discount supermarkets Lidl and Aldi. Continue reading

European countries approach omni-channel differently

Different omni-channel approaches in Europe

For ecommerce players, having an omni-channel approach is getting more and more important as customers continue to demand ever-higher levels of service. This requires retailers to adapt new models and be everywhere the customer wants them to be. Specific approaches to omni-channel however, differ widely from country to country. Continue reading