You can sell your products via a lot of channels. You can sell via your online store, via an app, via a phsyical store or maybe even via a pop-up store. On this page you’ll find all the ecommerce news articles about chross-channel.

European countries approach omni-channel differently

Different omni-channel approaches in Europe

For ecommerce players, having an omni-channel approach is getting more and more important as customers continue to demand ever-higher levels of service. This requires retailers to adapt new models and be everywhere the customer wants them to be. Specific approaches to omni-channel however, differ widely from country to country. Continue reading

New owner for Dutch retail chains Dixons, MyCom and iCentre

New owner for Dutch telecom retail chains

The Dutch telecom retail chains Dixons, MyCom and iCentre are saved. Their previous owner BAS Group was declared bankrupt, but the retail chains will continue to operate under new owner Relevant Holdings. Now 30 Dixons stores, 22 MyCom stores and 24 iCentre stores as well as their online stores will continue selling items such as white goods, telecom products and IT devices. Continue reading

Apparently Different tests smart dressing room with touch screen

Apparently Different

The German fashion retailer Apparently Different has opened a pop-up store in Berlin yesterday. In the store, customers can order products from a touch screen while they are in the locker room. Via a tablet, employees get notified of the customers’ requests so they can search the desired items and deliver them through a drawer system directly into the locker room. Continue reading

‘Retailers have to go omnichannel if they want to grow further’


Pure online shops need to evolve into an omnichannel retail business if they want to grow in the future, an omnichannel expert from Denmark says. Physical retailers need to have an online store if they still want to make profit in the near future, an omnichannel retailer from the Netherlands says. They are probably both right. Continue reading

Brits don’t want to pay for click and collect

Click and Collect

Three-quarters of British consumers believe they shouldn’t have to pay for a click-and-collect service. If they order something online and then decide to pick it up in-store, consumers think it’s more than acceptable to get that order without paying any additional fee. Meanwhile, UK retailer John Lewis revealed last week it would start charging shoppers on click-and-collect orders below £30 (€41.66). Continue reading

Sweden is the best omnichannel country in Scandinavia

Sweden is the best omnichannel country in Scandinavia

Sweden is the best country in Scandinavia when it comes to omnichannel retail, a new study shows. However, there are still plenty of retailers who are defined as omnichannel laggards. Especially in the furniture and interior industry, companies haven’t fully embraced an omnichannel strategy, while in consumer electronics omnichannel is more common. Continue reading

How to combine online and offline sales channels effectively

Bricks-and-mortar retailers are increasingly being challenged by online retailers. But they won’t win the battle if they just join the ecommerce industry. In order to increase market share again, retailers need to combine online and offline sales channels effectively. Here’s how. Continue reading

Ecommerce in France will grow to €62.4bn in 2015

The ecommerce industry in France could grow by 10 percent this year. Thanks to a growing number of online offers, the arrival of new shoppers and a rise in transactions online retail sales in France could reach 62.4 billion euros at the end of 2015. This prediction was done by the French Ecommerce Federation, FEVAD, on Tuesday. Continue reading

Deutsche Post goes into the tourism business

Post Reisen

Deutsche Post now offers its customers vacation packages. Under the brand name Post Reisen, consumers can find several holiday travel and city tour packages as well as adventure trips and cruises. For this new service, Deutsche Post is working together with Eurotours, an international tourism company. Continue reading