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Funding for social loyalty platform LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion has closed a seed funding round of 370,000 euros led by EC1 Capital. The European social loyalty platform enables small ecommerce stores to offer a loyalty scheme that rewards customers for all sorts of activities. It’s compatible with commonly-used ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and SEOshop. Continue reading

Ecommerce UK shows strongest Q1 growth since 2011

The ecommerce industry in the United Kingdom has seen the strongest first quarter growth since three years. Sales in the first quarter of this year grew 17% compared to the first quarter of 2013 and during the first three months of this year the industry was worth 28 billion euros. Continue reading

Newegg expands to the United Kingdom

Newegg has started a pilot program that makes a limited selection of its products available to customers in the United Kingdom and Australia. It’s an important first step in the company’s international expansion plans. In the United Kingdom, Newegg will face massive competition from online players like Amazon, Scan Computers and eBuyer. Continue reading

Export groups help British companies sell in Eastern Europe

In the United Kingdom there are recently several activities employed and online platforms launched aimed at boosting trade with Central and Eastern Europe. A new UK-based ecommerce site for example aims to alert local companies about business opportunities in Romania, while another initiative is focused on selling British food online in Poland. Continue reading

Analytics solution Ometria raises €1.08mn in seed funding

The UK-based startup Ometria has disclosed a 1.5 million dollar (€1.08 million) seed round this week from a group of angel investors. The new funding will be used to grow the team and to further develop its ecommerce intelligence platform, which provides retailers with insights relating to customer behavior and product performance. Continue reading

Britons lead Europe in smartphone shopping

Out of 18 European countries, the United Kingdom has the highest share of people who order something online every month using their smartphone. Almost one in three Britons shop on their mobile, while two in three Britons are using smartphones. Continue reading

Fresh funding for ecommerce delivery platform Scurri

British ecommerce delivery platform Scurri announced it raised €1.2 million in seed capital funding, led by Episode 1 Ventures, ACT Venture Capital and Haatch. These companies joined existing Angel investors to fund Scurri’s expansion plans. The ecommerce delivery platform wants to develop further in the United Kingdom. Continue reading

eBay adds Collections feature to UK and German site

eBay has revamped its UK and German website to include several features that must compete with curation sites like Pinterest. eBay Collections allows shoppers to handpick items to create their own collection of must-have products that can be shared with others for shopping inspiration. Continue reading

32% of UK online sales made via mobile devices

One in three of all sales that are made online in the United Kingdom take place on either a smartphone or a tablet. Visits to online stores via these mobile devices currently account for almost half of traffic. Especially in the apparel sector, mobile commerce shows strong numbers. Continue reading

European online retailers looking at emerging markets

Market expansion is seen as a real ecommerce growth opportunity this year. Almost nine in ten European executives, surveyed by CyberSource, are planning to increase focus on expanding their ecommerce business into new markets in 2014. Emerging economies like Russia, Brazil and China are amongst the most popular destinations. Continue reading

UK is leading exporter of goods purchased online

The online ecommerce economy of the United Kingdom is expected to generate the largest trade surplus in the world, surpassing 877 million euro. Online trade for the UK and five other big ecommerce markets is expected to grow fivefold over the next seven years, from 18,4 billion euros in 2013 to 96 billion euros in 2020. Continue reading

Gap is struggling with revenue in Europe

Gap, the American clothing retailer, is active in Europe for quite some time. But while it has seen some steady growth in the United States these last couple of years, its presence in Europe is slightly less positive. Revenues here have come down from €516 million in 2010 to €507 million in 2012, despite continued expansion. Continue reading

Belgian chocolatier Godiva to sell online in the UK

Godiva is expanding online by opening an online chocolate confectionery store in the United Kingdom. The luxury Belgian chocolatier has chosen eCommera and its cloud base ecommerce platform DynamicCommerce, which is powered by Demandware. The United Kingdom will be the fourth country where it sells its goods online. Continue reading