Here you’ll find interesting articles about companies launching an online store, or companies launching their already existing online store in another country.

Apple Pay launches in Spain

Apple Pay in Spain

Apple has launched its mobile payments service Apple Pay in Spain. It supports cards from Banco Santander, Carrefour, Ticket Restaurant and American Express. At the moment, Apple Pay in Spain can be used at 27 major retailers, including Media Markt and Bershka. Continue reading

Italian ecommerce company Banzai changes name to ePrice

Banzai becomes ePrice

Banzai, an Italian ecommerce company group, has announced plans to change its company name to ePrice, the same name as its online tech & appliances retail brand. It also announced it will invest 40 million euros in technology over the next five years in order to accelerate its development. Continue reading

Amazon sells Amazon Dash Button in France

Amazon Dash button in France

After launching its Dash buttons in the UK, Germany and Austria three months ago, the American company is now releasing its consumer goods-ordering buttons in France. Amazon Premium subscribers in France will be able to order the button that triggers the replenishment of 500 different products. Continue reading

UK visual commerce platform Goodvidio launches out of beta


Goodvidio, which helps online retailers increase their sales with product videos curated from social media, has finally launched its service out of beta. It has also announced integrations with popular ecommerce platforms like Magento and WooCommerce. With 1 million dollars of fresh funding, Goodvidio is looking to expand across Europe the United States. Continue reading

Aldi starts e-book service in Germany

Aldi Life Ebooks

After launching its own music streaming service, Aldi will now also launch an e-book service in Germany. The digital platform will offer one million e-books as well as a new Aldi Medion tablet that’s been optimized for reading e-books. Continue reading

Supermarket Kaufland opens online shop in Germany

Kaufland online shop

The German hypermarket Kaufland, part of the Schwarz Gruppe which also owns Lidl and Handelshof, has opened an online shop in Germany. But for now, the online delivery service is only available in Berlin. The website will offer the same prices as in-store. Continue reading

DPD France launches new services

Mister Pasha and Pickup Drive

DPD France has launched two new services. Mister Pasha, a premium service for after-hours package delivery, and Pickup Drive, which is said to be the first network for parcel pick-up and drop-off by car in less than three minutes. Continue reading

Prada starts online selling in Europe


Prada was always reluctant to selling online, but the Italian fashion company is finally taking the leap into ecommerce. The luxury brand’s fashion items will be sold via online shops Net-a-porter and Continue reading

Lidl opens online store in the Netherlands

Lidl ecommerce

Lidl has opened an online store in the Netherlands. Dutch consumers are now able to order all kinds of non-food products, such as fashion, tools, home accessories and  kitchen tools & gadgets via  The German discount supermarket wants to expand its online assortment in stages. Continue reading

Amazon launches AmazonFresh in the UK

Amazon has launched AmazonFresh in the United Kingdom yesterday. For months, there were serious rumors the American retailer would launch its food delivery service in the UK, but after a long period of preparing and testing AmazonFresh has finally reached the British market. Continue reading

Hudson’s Bay will open online store in the Netherlands

Hudson's Bay in the Netherlands

Canadian retail business group The Hudson’s Bay Company plans to open 20 new stores in the Netherlands over the next 24 months. The first stores are expected to launch in the summer of 2017 and are part of the company’s all-channel retail model, so ecommerce websites will also be launched. Continue reading

Amazon about to launch Amazon Prime Now in France

Amazon Prime Now in France

Amazon has reportedly taken over a warehouse in the 18th district of Paris, which led to rumors that the American ecommerce giant will be launching Amazon Fresh in France. However, according to sources around the French tech website Journal Du Net, this warehouse is meant for Amazon launching its one-hour delivery service Amazon Prime Now in France. Continue reading

Supermarket Merkur from Austria opens online store


Supermarket chain Merkur from Austria has announced its plan to launch an online store next month. The ecommerce website will only accept orders from customers in the Vienna area for now. In the online shop of Merkur, customers can buy the full range of the physical stores, which consist of more than 20,000 items. Continue reading