Statistics are boring? Hell no! They can be very interesting, if you are interested in the ecommerce industry that is. Check out this category to see some stunning numbers and data about the ecommerce industry in different European countries or about a certain company.

54% of Polish internet users are online shoppers

Ecommerce in Poland

Over half of Polish internet users can be identified as e-consumers. Online shoppers in Poland are primarily people aged 50 years of younger, with a secondary or university degree and living in larger cities. Also, there are more women than men who shop online in Poland. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Spain grew 25% in first quarter 2017

Ecommerce in Spain increased by 24.8 percent year-on-year during the first quarter of 2017. During these three months, 6.8 billion euros was spent online, while the number of transactions increased by 31 percent to 115 million. Continue reading

Europe is ecommerce ready

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Among the ten economies in the world that are most ready to benefit from ecommerce, seven are European. For the third straight year, Luxembourg ranks first on UNCTAD’s ranking of countries’ capacity to support online shopping. Switzerland and Norway complete the top three. Continue reading

‘Over 800,000 online stores in Europe’

Shopping online in Europe

There are over 800,000 online stores in Europe, research from Ecommerce News Europe in collaboration with Dataprovider shows. These online stores are widely spread across the continent, but most ecommerce websites can be found in Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Continue reading

‘Ecommerce in Europe grows 19 percent in 2017’

Shopping online in Europe

Ecommerce in Europe will increase by 19 percent during 2017, the Global Ecommerce Association predicts. Only in Asia, ecommerce will be growing harder this year. But with Europe having the highest internet penetration, the ecommerce boom in this region is all the more striking. Continue reading

The 10 fastest-growing ecommerce companies in Sweden


There are several ecommerce companies in Sweden that have grown by several thousand percent since 2015. The fastest-growing ecommerce company in Sweden even saw its revenue increase by 61,850 percent between 2015 and 2016. Continue reading

Ecommerce share of floral industry Europe: 30% in 2027

Flowers and plants in Europe

There is a future for online sales of flowers and plants, especially towards men. The market share of ecommerce in Europe’s spending on flowers and plants currently ranges from 3 percent in Germany to 14 percent in the UK, but the Dutch Rabobank expects this share will grow to 30 percent by 2027. Continue reading is the biggest online retailer in the Netherlands

Dutch ecommerce company is the biggest online retailer in the Netherlands. Again. The ecommerce company, owned by Ahold, ranked first in the annual Twinkle100, a list of the biggest ecommerce companies in the Netherlands. Coolblue and Wehkamp ranked second and third. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Russia to be worth 16 billion euros in 2017

Ecommerce in Russia

Ecommerce in Russia was worth 498 billion rubles, or 7.2 billion euros, in the first half of this year. This is an increase of 22 percent year-on-year. The Russian online retail industry is expected to be worth 15.99 billion euros at the end of this year. Continue reading