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Statistics are boring? Hell no! They can be very interesting, if you are interested in the ecommerce industry that is. Check out this category to see some stunning numbers and data about the ecommerce industry in different European countries or about a certain company.

Amazon enters Austrian retail top 10 for first time

For the first time, Amazon has entered the top 10 of the biggest retailers in Austria. The country’s retail trade association, Handelsverband Österreich, has compiled a new list of the top 100 retailers in Austria and after ending in eleventh place last year, Amazon now ranks ninth. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Belgium: €7 billion in 2018

Ecommerce in Belgium

Ecommerce in Belgium was worth slightly over 7 billion euros last year. This is an increase of 20 percent compared to the situation one year before, when the Belgian ecommerce was worth 5.8 billion euros. Continue reading

The Netherlands has 5 million cross-border shoppers

Cross-border ecommerce in Europe

There were 5 million Dutch consumers who shopped online cross-border last year. That’s a significant increase of 32 percent compared to the situation one year before, when there were 3.8 million cross-border shoppers in the Netherlands. Together, these 5 million people spent about 880 million euros at foreign ecommerce websites. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Belgium: €10.67 billion in 2018

Ecommerce in Belgium

Ecommerce in Belgium was worth 10.67 billion euros in 2018. That’s an increase of almost 6 percent compared to the situation one year before. Belgian consumers have not only spent more money online, they also shopped more often: last year, the average Belgian shopper bought something online over 11 times. Continue reading

Ecommerce in the Netherlands: €23.7 billion in 2018

Ecommerce in the Netherlands

Ecommerce in the Netherlands was worth 23.7 billion euros in 2018. That’s an estimated growth of 10 percent compared to the situation one year before. Last year, 96 percent of consumers aged 15 and over have purchased something online at least once. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Greece: €4 billion in 2019

Ecommerce in Greece

Ecommerce in Greece is expected to be worth 4 billion euros at the end of this year. That would be an increase of over 8 percent, compared to the 3.7 billion euros the Greek ecommerce industry was worth last year. Continue reading

Coolblue’s revenue grows to 1.35 billion euros

Coolblue, omnichannel ecommerce company from the Netherlands

Dutch omnichannel retailer has generated revenues worth 1.35 billion euros last year. That’s an increase of 160 million compared to the situation in 2017. According to Coolblue, this growth is partly due to the introduction of an English and French website and app. Continue reading

Online food & personal care in Europe worth €56bn by 2022


Sales of food and personal care are going well in European ecommerce and are set to increase by 54 percent in the next years. This means the online food and personal care industry will be worth over 56 billion euros by 2022. Continue reading

Ecommerce France was worth €92.6 billion in 2018

Ecommerce in France

Even though the “Yellow Vest” protests in the last two months of 2018 took their toll, ecommerce in France has managed to increase by 13.4 percent last year. The online retail industry of France was worth 92.6 billion euros at the end of last year. Continue reading

Annual retail sales via internet are up


The volume of retail sales via mail order houses or the internet keeps on growing in Europe. In 2017, the figures show a year-on-year increase of 12 percent in the European Union. Estonia showed the largest annual growth, while there were falls in Finland and Portugal. Continue reading

Idealo Italy grew with 20% in 2018


Price comparison engine Idealo has achieved a growth of over 20 percent in Italy last year. The company generated an external sale in Italian ecommerce of almost 30 million euros, of which 32 percent was to the advantage of small Italian online shops. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Germany: €65.10 billion in 2018

Ecommerce in Germany

Ecommerce in Germany has increased by 11.4 percent last year. At the end of 2018 the online retail industry was worth 65.10 billion euros. And that’s mostly because of the strong development of online marketplaces. Continue reading