Swiss consumers spent €1.22 billion online at foreign stores


Consumers in Switzerland are shopping more and more products from foreign ecommerce websites. Last year, the total value of online purchases Swiss consumers made abroad was worth 1.3 billion Swiss Francs, which corresponds to 1.22 billion euros. That’s an increase of 18 percent compared to last year. Continue reading

Top 5 Swiss ecommerce beats shopping centers


Last year, the top 5 of online stores in Switzerland has generated more revenue than the five largest Swiss shopping centers. And all this with a fraction of the space being used and with a fraction of the staff costs. Continue reading

Decathlon launches ecommerce website in Switzerland

Decathlon Switzerland

French sporting goods retailer Decathlon have launched a dedicated ecommerce website in Switzerland. Just a few days before Christmas, consumers in Switzerland can now order cheap sports clothing and accessories online. Continue reading

Swiss online stores offline during Black Friday


Some leading online stores in Switzerland have collapsed under a rush of customers who visited their websites during Black Friday last week. Microspot, Manro, Interdiscount and Melectronics were among the online stores that couldn’t handle the many visitors looking for hot deals. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Switzerland is worth €10.46 billion

Ecommerce in Switzerland

Ecommerce in Switzerland has increased by 21 percent last year. And during the last twelve months, the Swiss spent 11.2 billion Swiss Francs, or 10.46 billion euros, to buy products and services online. The average spending per person was 2.241 euros. Continue reading

Online furniture retailer Beliani expands to Spain

Swiss online furniture retailer Beliani has further expanded its business across Europe. The ecommerce company has opened an online store in Spain, where it has run a pilot project since the beginning of 2015. Beliani is now active in 14 European countries. Continue reading

Swiss supermarket Volg expands online shop in 2017


Swiss supermarket chain Volg will further expand its online trade in 2017. The retailer already lets customers in selected villages order their groceries online and the concept has proven to be successful. Soon, more customers in Switzerland can order their goods on a larger scale. Continue reading

Swiss Post tests Starship’s self-driving delivery robots

Swiss Post experiments with Starship delivery robots

Swiss Post will experiment with self-driving robots delivering goods over the last mile. The Swiss postal company will use models from robot manufacturer Starship Technologies. Last month, this company enabled two retailers in the UK and two companies in Germany to experiment with the robots. Continue reading

Swiss online supermarket LeShop sees sales increase by 4.6%

Swiss online supermarket LeShop sees sales increase by 4.6%

LeShop, the online supermarket of Swiss retailer Migros, has announced its sales increased by 4.6 percent during the first half of this year. The online supermarket saw its sales increase to 93.6million Swiss francs, which is worth about 85.9 million euros. Continue reading

Starship’s robots begin delivering food and parcels in Europe

Starship robot delivers Just Eat food

Several European ecommerce companies have started trial delivery using the self-driving robots of Starship Technologies. Online food delivery services Just Eat and Pronto will be using the robots in London, while German retail chain Metro and logistics company Hermes will use the robots in Dusseldorf, Bern and another undisclosed German city. Continue reading