Yandex let customers place orders via search site

Yandex, the most popular search engine in Russia, is now offering online stores a new model for listing their products on product search service Yandex.Market. The search engine currently gets a few cents every time a customer clicks on a link to a retailer’s website, but with the new model it will get 1% of the value of any transaction.

From November, Yandex users can place orders via product search service Yandex.Market, a site with 17 million users in Russia where you can find products of 13.000 partner stores and rank those products by price or seller rating.

According to Alexander Feoktistov, who is head of marketing at Yandex.Market, the new model would be more convenient for its users. An online shoppers can choose a product and go straight to checkout without leaving any webpage. For Yandex it means the customer stays on its site, while for retailers it means the purchasing process is simplified and sales can be increased.

Not for everyone
The new model is not (yet) meant to be used by any store. Only trusted Russian and Ukrianian online stores that have worked with Yandex.Market for at least three months and who have a rating of at least 3/5 stars will be able to make the switch, says the press release. Other online stores still need to pay the Russian company a few cents per click.