Ecommerce in Belgium: €9.1 billion in 2016

Ecommerce in Belgium

Ecommerce in Belgium was worth 9.1 billion euros in 2016. Last year, consumers spent 10 percent more on products and services online than they did in 2015. The online share of total retail has increased from 14 to 16 percent. Continue reading

How to succeed in the Dutch and Belgian ecommerce market

How to succeed in the Dutch and Belgian ecommerce market

The Netherlands and Belgium have a combined population of 28 million people, a gross domestic product of 1.08 trillion euros and English is spoken widely. The two countries offer an attractive market to international retailers looking to expand into new territories. A new guidebook helps companies who want to sell online in the Netherlands and Belgium. Continue reading

Just Eat and swap local websites

Dutch food-order company has sold its British website to its competitor Just Eat. The news follows just a few weeks after acquired the Benelux businesses from Just Eat. Both companies couldn’t get a grip of the local market: had trouble conquering the UK, while its presence was too strong in the Netherlands and Belgium for Just Eat to compete there. Continue reading named best online store of Belgium

BeCommerce Awards has won the BeCommerce Overall Award in Belgium, so it may call itself the best online store of Belgium, at least for one year. The online retailer was one of 21 winners during the BeCommerce Awards event in Tervuren yesterday. Continue reading

Belgian startup Bubble Post delivers cooled items per bike

Bubble Post

Bubble Post, a delivery startup from Belgium, has introduced its latest innovation. During an event of Topsector Logistiek Bubble Post showed its new bikes, which come with an actively cooled cargo space. It’s an eco-friendly way for companies who want their perishable items delivered into city centers. Continue reading

CEO “Our business model is like Alibaba’s”

Dutch ecommerce company, the biggest online retailer in the Netherlands, is moving from being a traditional ecommerce player into a selling platform and fulfilment partner for third-party retailers. In an interview with Belgian newspaper De Tijd, managing director Daniël Ropers compared with Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba. “We are building a network of expertise, retailers, services and products.” Continue reading

Lidl launches online store in Belgium

Lidl launches online store in Belgium

Lidl has opened a dedicated ecommerce website in Belgium, which currently lists about 350 non-food items. Belgium is now the first country, aside from its home country Germany, where Lidl has launched an online store. The supermarket discounter is slowly stepping up its game with regards to ecommerce. The Netherlands could be next. Continue reading

PayPal launches merchant tool PassPort in Belgium

PayPal launches merchant tool PassPort in Belgium

PayPal has launched its educational website PassPort in Belgium. The site is meant to help merchants getting more global sales and expanding their profit potential. With different free tools merchants learn more about season sale peaks and holidays, buying patterns and global trends. Continue reading

Belgium is still a country full of foreign ecommerce players

Belgium is still a country full of foreign ecommerce players

The 100 biggest online stores in Belgium generated a total revenue of 2.6 billion euros in the period 2014-2015, which is a huge increase from the 1.1 billion euros they generated last year. But almost 72 percent of this revenue was generated thanks to foreign customers. Belgium is still a country where local retailers don’t play a very significant role, although this is changing slowly. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Belgium: €1.97 billion in Q2 2015

About 6.7 million consumers in Belgium purchased products and services online worth of 1.97 billion euros during the second quarter of this year. Ecommerce now accounts for 14 percent of all spending in this Western European country. If ecommerce in Belgium develops at the same pace for the rest of the year, it will surpass the €7 billion by the end of 2015. Continue reading

Vente-privee acquires Belgian competitor Vente-exclusive

Vente-privee acquires majority stake in Vente-exclusive has acquired a majority stake in its Belgian competitor The Belgian stakeholders will keep the remaining 49.9%. They will lead and support the further development of the website, which offers daily sales with discounts of 30% to 70% off the retail price. Continue reading