Offline store

Here on Ecommerce News, we sometimes write about offline stores. Huh? Yeah, offline stores. This may be pop-up stores, which seems to get more and more popular every year, or pick-up points. We call these kinds of services offline stores, as they are offline, but still have a very clear link with all the ecommerce news we write about.

German consumers: Amazon is best online retailer

Amazon logo

Amazon was voted as the best online retailer in Germany. Perfumery Douglas and shoe retailer Deichmann ranked second and third respectively. There are no pure online retailers to be found in the top ten, which is filled with the online stores of large retail chains. Continue reading

Czech footwear retailer Bata closes stores, bets on ecommerce


Bata, a global operating footwear manufacturer and retailer from the Czech Republic, has decided to shut down all its stores in Switzerland where it’s headquartered. With customers buying footwear and accessories more and more through multi-brand retailers and ecommerce websites, Bata has been trying to restructure its operations for years. Now it came to the conclusion maintaining the Bata stores in Switzerland wasn’t an option anymore. Continue reading

‘Netflix for clothes’, the future of retail in the UK?


Renting clothes instead of buying them could become part of the British high street. One in five people in the United Kingdom are interested in renting items from their favorite store, a figure that rises to one in three within London. Could a ‘Netflix for clothes’ service become the future of fashion retail? Continue reading

Norwegian Komplett invests in online groceries and marketplace

Komplett Group

Komplett, an all-round ecommerce company from Norway, wants to further increase its footprint in Scandinavia. After recently opening an online pharmacy, the ecommerce company has now revealed plans of investments in online groceries, as well as a marketplace for other retailers to sell their products on. Continue reading

Whisbi lets you show products online through real-time video

Whisbi lets you show products online through real-time video

Whisbi has found a way to bridge the worlds of ecommerce and retail shopping cultures. By using Google Glass the Spanish company is hoping to open a new chapter in the omnichannel retail revolution. By combining phone and online communications with a presence on the retail floor, customers can see products without leaving the house. Continue reading

Key ecommerce trends in 2015

It’s still two months, but 2015 is near. And this may be a year of other trends than we saw in 2014. Three CEOs of leading ecommerce companies in Europe told us their predictions of what might happen in online shopping next year. They believe the next trends will have the strongest impact on the online retail industry. Continue reading

US shopping app Shopkick expands to Germany

Shopping app Shopkick has expanded into its first international market by launching the app in Germany. From day one it has partnered up with major retailers like Douglas, Media Markt and Saturn, OBI and Karstadt and brands including P&G, Henkel and GSK. Continue reading

Tips for ecommerce companies in Italy

Every country has its own habits, rules and traditions. In Italy this is no different. When you have an ecommerce company in this Southern European country or when you want to start one, there are some things you should know. About Italian consumers, their habits, their preferred payment methods and their ideal delivery solutions. We have these tips! Continue reading

Online supermarket opens second drive-thru, the leading online supermarkt in Swiss, has opened its second drive-through click-and-collect service. In the canton of Argovie, the new ‘DRIVE’ is located on the main road between Zurich, Aarau and Lucerne, a few minutes from the A1 Autobahn. The pick-up store offers a range of over 8,500 items, including fresh bread, wine, beer, fruit and vegetables, as well as local products. Continue reading

Pop-up stores generate €2.6 billion in revenue in the UK

Pop-up stores are very popular in the United Kingdom, as about 23,400 people  work in nearly 10,000 pop-up shops across the country. Together, this group of retailers contribute 2,6 billion euros to the British economy each year, which is equivalent to 0,6% of total UK retail turnover. And the industry could grow even faster, if there weren’t that much barriers. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Germany increases quality of advice

German consumers increasingly rely on information they found online when they want to make a purchase in-store of via the Internet. As a matter of fact, 41% of all information that’s relevant to purchasing decisions now comes from digital media.  But the Internet does not only give relevant information, it also delivers better recommendations than the trusted dealer around the corner. Stationary retailers are warned! Continue reading