Ecommerce in Benelux

Benelux is a region in Western Europe. It consists of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, hence the name BeNeLux. Benelux was formed in 1944 to promote free movement of workers, capital, services, and goods in the region.

Almost 30 million people live in the Benelux, where Dutch and French are the official languages. Most of the population in the Benelux (over 29 million) live in the Netherlands. More than half of the Benelux population lives in an area where Dutch is the official language.

ecommerce in the netherlands, belgium and luxembourg

Ecommerce market in the Benelux

The ecommerce market in the Benelux is mainly dominated by Dutch online retailers, whom are not only present in the Dutch but also the Belgian market. For instance, and Coolblue are the two biggest online retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium. However, online shoppers in Luxembourg purchase mostly from Belgium, but also from nearby countries Germany and France.

Ecommerce in Belgium

Ecommerce in BelgiumEcommerce in Belgium was worth over 10 billion euros in 2020. To read more about the Belgian online retail industry, please read more on our page Ecommerce in Belgium.

Ecommerce in the Netherlands

Ecommerce in the NetherlandsThe Netherlands is the largest ecommerce market in the Benelux region. Online sales in this country were worth over 26 billion euros in 2020. You can find out more about the Dutch ecommerce landscape on our page Ecommerce in the Netherlands.

Ecommerce in Luxembourg

Ecommerce in LuxembourgLuxembourg is a very small country with an equally small ecommerce industry. The country’s ecommerce industry was worth 797 million euros in 2018. To discover more about online retail in Luxembourg, visit our page Ecommerce in Luxembourg.

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