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European ecommerce grew by 16% to €363bn in 2013

Ecommerce sales in Europe grew by 16.3% to 363.1 billion euros last year. This year an online revenue of 425.5 billion euros is expected and when the end of 2016 is reached, the European online revenue could have increased to around 625 billion euros, Ecommerce Europe thinks. Continue reading

Ecommerce Europe will launch European trustmark

Ecommerce Europe just announced it will launch an European trustmark. Right now it’s in preparation but it will be launched on January 1, 2015. The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark is meant for all companies, with low costs and based on non-profit and self-regulation, the organization told visitors at the Global E-Commerce Summit which is happening right now in Barcelona. Continue reading

Klarna expands to the UK

Klarna has taken another step toward expanding its presence in Europe by launching its services in the United Kingdom. The Swedish ecommerce company will invest 125 million euros in product development and roll-out, Klarna’s CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski confirmed at the London Technology Week. Klarna will have London as its base in the UK. Continue reading

German ecommerce industry to benefit from even faster deliveries

With 25 percent of European ecommerce turnover, Germany has one of the largest ecommerce industries in Europe. And the €40 billion market is set to hit 100 billion euros in 2020. This predicted growth of course can only happen if the country keeps investing on logistics. Luckily, that happens. Germany’s leading logistics companies invest 1 billion dollars in cutting delivery times. Continue reading

Belgian parcel delivery service Kiala now also ships cross-border

Kiala, which sends parcels to over 11,700 convenient collection points throughout Western Europe, has enabled merchants to get their goods delivered to other countries where Kiala is active. From now one, an online merchant sending parcels using Kiala can also send these parcels to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Spain. Continue reading

Europe: where credit cards are falling short

There are over 200 payment methods used around the world and credit card is one of the most popular methods. In the United States anyhow. In Europe however, there are countries were the credit card is rarely used. Alternative Payments made an interesting infographic about credit card alternatives. Continue reading

One in three Spaniards made a purchase online

Eight in ten Spanish inhabitants rate the general economic situation in Spain as bad or very bad. And 23 percent thinks that within a year the situation will be even worse than it is now. And it seems the situation isn’t any better online. In the past twelve months, only 36.5 percent made a purchase on the internet. Continue reading

Facebook not popular with UK retailers

Facebook is a very popular social network amongst European online retailers. Except for the United Kingdom, where online retailers are more active on Twitter. But Twitter is however still less popular in the UK than in other countries like Germany or Spain. These two countries have the most social media savvy online retailers, as 90% of them are on Facebook and 80% are on Twitter. Continue reading

Online sales in Europe will grow to €233.9bn by 2018

Ecommerce sales in Europe are expected to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 12% from 2013 to 2018. This will result in an online retail market that’s worth 233.9 billion euros by 2018. This predicted growth will be mostly because of more sales happening via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Continue reading

Swiss Richemont wants to stop online sale of counterfeits

Richemont takes high court action to stop websites in the United Kingdom from selling counterfeit products. This landmark case could change the content and future of the internet, some broadband providers fear. But the Swiss luxury company, behind e.g. Cartier jewellery and Montblanc Watches, won’t back down and is hoping for a positive court decision. Continue reading

Amazon launches clothing store in Spain

Inditex gets some serious competition, now Amazon has opened an online clothing store in Spain. It offers a 700,000-item catalogue featuring 2,000 labels. It’s the fourth online clothing store Amazon opens in Europe, after the United Kingdom, Germany and France got their own Amazon clothing stores. Continue reading

French shoe retailer Spartoo launches online marketplace

Spartoo, one of the leaders in selling footwear and fashion in Europe, has launched its own marketplace. It expands it range with over 1,000 brands and 70,000 models. By intergrating the marketplace of Spartoo, vendor partners can benefit from the customer service and the 14 million visitors per month Spartoo has in 20 European countries. Continue reading

Shopping online for groceries popular in Sweden

The online sales of food products in Sweden continues to grow strong. Last year sales increased by 38 percent compared to the previous year. Now more than one in five Swedes has bought groceries online in the past year. Continue reading

Popular payment methods in Europe

When it comes to online shopping, credit cards still rule the payments landscape in Europe. But alternate payment methods are growing at a fast pace. The latest data shows us again that you can´t see Europe as one region; every country has its own preferred payment methods. Let’s have a look. Continue reading