CST wants to transport parcels underground

Tunnel network in Switzerland

Cargo Sous Terrain (CST) has plans to run an underground freight transport system in Switzerland. In the tunnels, autonomous vehicles will transport pallets and packages between major cities and towns in the Central-European country. The group hopes to have this innovative network up and running by 2030. Continue reading

Groupon shuts down in 4 European countries

Groupon shuts down in the Nordic countries

Groupon closed the doors of 4  European websites. After closing its operations in Greece, Turkey and the Nordic countries, the American ecommerce marketplace is now shutting down in Ukraine, Portugal, Switzerland and Austria. Since yesterday, these websites no longer offer customers interesting deals from local retailers. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Switzerland is worth 8.4 billion euros

Ecommerce in Switzerland

The ecommerce market in Switzerland increased by 13 percent from last year, now reaching a value of 9.1 billion Swiss francs or 8.4 billion euros. The growth of the online retail industry may have had something to do with the high online shopping penetration. Of all 16-65 year olds in Switzerland, 90 percent purchased at least once online in the last twelve months. Continue reading

‘Free delivery Amazon for Swiss shoppers changes the industry’

'Free delivery Amazon for Swiss shoppers changes the industry'

Consumers in Switzerland can now order products from the German, French or Italian Amazon and get it delivered for free. At least, if the value of their shopping cart is worth 49 euros or more. This will have a huge influence on the Swiss ecommerce industry, Netcomm Suisse says. “It will raise the bar in competitiveness, but will also push ecommerce operators to further improve their offer.” Continue reading

Swisscom and Coop to build online marketplace Siroop

Online marketplace

Swisscom and Coop are allowed to build their joint online marketplace Siroop. The two companies want to defy the American ecommerce giant Amazon in Switzerland by launching their own ecommerce platform. The Swiss competition authority has now greenlighted the project. Continue reading

H&M will launch online store in Switzerland

H&M opens an online store in Switzerland

Fashion retailer H&M will soon launch an online store in Switzerland. It’s not officially announced yet, but all the indications are that the Swedish company will open its Swiss online store in just a few days. In the physical stores the upcoming opening of the ecommerce site was already announced over the loudspeakers. Continue reading