Mcommerce is hot. As the ecommerce business has become a serious, solid and mature industry in the retail world, it’s now time for the mobile commerce. More and more consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to visit retail sites and order products and/or services online.As a retailer you definitely have to be ready for these kinds of visitors as not every site is easy to visit from a mobile device. And you don’t want to lose customers, because you were to late chaning your website…

Strong fourth quarter for ecommerce in Ireland

Ecommerce in Ireland 2015

Ecommerce in Ireland saw its revenue grow 45 percent last year. Traffic to ecommerce websites grew by 27 percent and this was largely driven by mobile traffic, which increased by 39 percent. In the last quarter of 2015, the mobile even overtook the desktop as the most popular device for ecommerce traffic. Continue reading

Mcommerce top priority for many European brands

Mcommerce top priority for many European brands

Mcommerce is still rapidly growing. Consumers expect to buy online seamlessly while using their smartphone or tablet. But what can we expect in the near future and what challenges lie ahead for online retailers and brands? Worldwide Business Reach held a survey with senior retail, travel and retail banking executives from the top brands in Europe. Continue reading

Mobile commerce in Europe 2015

Mobile commerce in Europe 2015

Mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important in Europe. The continent even has the highest mobile penetration rate in the world. And online spending on mobile devices in Europe has doubled between 2014 and 2015 and now reaches a share of 25 percent. Let’s have a look at the latest trends on mobile in Europe. Continue reading

One in five ecommerce transactions in France happens via mobile

Mcommerce in France

According to research by Criteo, mobile will account for 40% of all global ecommerce transactions by the end of this year. In France, mobile purchases represented just more than 20% of all online retail transactions. But many retailers in France are making mobile a priority, the study suggests. Continue reading

Europe sees rise of mobile payments

Mobile payments in Europe

In Europe, more and more consumers like to pay using their smartphone or tablet. In share of mobile device owners who already have experience with mobile payments, Turkey is the absolute leader in Europe. This is apparent from the latest report by, called “Europe Online Payment Methods: First Half 2015”. Continue reading

Ecommerce in France: retailers are investing in mobile

This year, 19.2% of online sales in France will be carried out on a smartphone, still many retailers don’t have a mobile strategy in place. But mobile is the top priority for investments in the next 12 to 18 months. eTail France interviewed dozens of retailers to discover what they do to respond to the several big challenges in the market today. Continue reading

Mobile shopping in Austria has increased by 40%

Mcommerce in Austria

Shopping online using a smartphone is becoming increasingly popular in Austria. Although the amount of online sales that happen via mcommerce is still low, the growth rate increases rapidly. Mobile shopping in Austria has grown by 40% in 2015 compared to last year. Continue reading

Software platform JMango360 easily lets you make apps

Dutch platform JMango360 easily lets you make apps

It is said that mobile commerce is the future of online retail. If that’s the case, online retailers should have their own app, so consumers can shop online more easily. But developing an app can be very expensive, that’s why some online retailers ignore this opportunity. Dutch mcommerce software company JMango360 wants to change this and offers retailers a cheap way to turn their Magento store into an app. Continue reading

Google unveils Android Pay

Android Pay

Google has announced Android Pay. This contactless payment system is another attempt of Google to gain a foothold in the payments market. With the smartphone tool consumers are able to instantly pay for goods in physical stores and mobile apps on Android phones. Continue reading

Clothing popular with European mobile users

Mobile shopping for clothing online in Europe

When it comes to shopping online using a mobile device, European consumers buy mainly clothes and accessories. They buy more of these than any other product that can be bought online. In fact, 35% of European shoppers who own a smartphone or tablet used such a device to buy fashion items online. Continue reading

3 in 10 online transactions in Europe are mobile

Adyen Mobile Payments

Almost three in ten online transactions in Europe happen via a mobile device. In terms of mobile payments, the smartphone is more popular than the tablet. Especially in the United Kingdom, making online payments using a mobile device is popular. Continue reading

“Swedish online retailers need to do more with mcommerce”

Mcommerce in Sweden

With Google now punishing websites that aren’t mobile friendly, online retailers are in a hurry to have a mobile optimized website. But it’s not solely the mobile website online retailers should worry about, it’s the mobile app that normally leads to more conversion. But in Sweden, many retailers don’t have an app. And that could be a problem. Continue reading

Mobile revenues in Europe grew by 105% in 2014

In Europe, 2014 has closed with an all-time peak in mobile revenues and mobile transactions. Both increased by more than 120% from September to October last year. Overall, there was an increase of 82% in mobile transactions, while mobile revenues grew by 105% compared to 2013. Continue reading