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Cross-border ecommerce is a very hot topic, as more online retailers are expanding their businesses abroad. Want to be inspired? Or just stay up-to-date? Read our articles about ecommerce companies who went or are planning to go cross-border.

British Corner Shop sells Waitrose products to global customers

Waitrose and British Corner Shop

UK retailer Waitrose is the first supermarket to sell its own-label products through the British Corner Shop. This online shop sells all kinds of British foods and drinks to customers around the world. Due to the partnership with Waitrose, the British Corner Shop expands its range with over 2,000 Waitrose product lines. Continue reading

Italian design furniture retailer Viadurini expands to US


Viadurini is an Italian ecommerce company that sells designer & trendy furniture from Milan online. It has announced it will open an online store in the United States. The company is already available in many European countries. We interviewed X about the online furniture store. Continue reading

What will Brexit mean for ecommerce in Europe?

Keep cal and shop online in Europe

The Brits have voted for Brexit, which means the United Kingdom will withdraw from the European Union. The whole process of withdrawal will probably take two years, but it’s certain Brexit will affect the European ecommerce industry. Here’s how. Continue reading

Dutch shoe retailer Floris van Bommel puts focus on Germany

Floris van Bommel

Dutch shoe manufacturer Floris van Bommel was already active in Germany for several years now, but since last February it also has an online store in Germany. To grow further in the German ecommerce market, Floris van Bommel has now partnered with online marketing company Fingerspitzengef├╝hl. Continue reading

71% of Dutch shop online, but prefer local retailers

The Netherlands

Dutch consumers increasingly buy their products and services online. Last year, 71 percent of the Dutch shopped online, which makes the Netherlands the fifth country in the European Union when it comes to the share of consumers shopping online. But the Dutch rarely shop cross-border. Continue reading

Allegro launches in Germany


Allegro has opened its doors in Germany. The Polish ecommerce leader made a quite entrance in its neighboring country. The ecommerce service should help Polish sellers with marketing their products in Germany, Europe’s third largest ecommerce country. Continue reading

Bax-shop becomes Bax Music and expands to Italy

Bax Music (previously: Bax-shop)

Bax-shop, an online music store from the Netherlands, has expanded its presence in Europe. The retailer, which will change its name to Bax Music, has opened an online store in Italy, so consumers there can order articles for sound, stage and studio online. The Italian ecommerce website is the seventh online music store from Bax-shop in Europe. Continue reading

What you need to know when entering the Russian market

Ecommerce in Russia

In April, performance-marketing agency Artics Internet Solutions gave a presentation during the forum RIF+KIB 2016. It was about marketing in the cross-border segment. CEO Alexander Simanovsky talked about the specific nature of the Russian market, as well as the things that are most important to consider when launching a product on the Russian market. Continue reading

European ecommerce players still have trouble selling abroad

Map of Europe

Online merchants in Europe still face barriers when they are selling abroad. Legal fragmentation, taxation systems, logistics and distribution are among the most difficult barriers to overcome for online merchants who are trying to expand their business cross-border in Europe. Continue reading