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Dutch Emerce launches eRetail Europe conference

Emerce, a Dutch offline magazine and website about online business, media and marketing, will turn its local ecommerce event eRetail into a bigger European conference called eRetail Europe. It will be held on the 9th of October in Amsterdam and is part of the Emerce eWeek.


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The Dutch eRetail conference is one of the major local events for the Dutch retail and it usually has the latest trends, biggest names and keynotes and the publisher aims for the same level in the European playfield. eRetail Europe will have a strong focus on ‘strategies to excel in a changing digital environment’. It will try to offer retailers, etailers and brands a platform to gain the essential insights on digital commerce in the retail business. There will be discussions, workshops and sessions, and some of these will be about redefining retail, the consumer in an omni channel reality and organizations in transition. There are speakers of companies like Adidas, Otto, Staples, and Spreadshirt. Dan Dionisie, head of the Consumer Markets Unit at the European Commission, will also attend this conference as a speaker.

Ecommerce events one week long
We spoke with publisher Gijs Vroom from Emerce and asked him about why they have decided to launch an event in and about Europe. “We have been working quite some time to organize this event. The intention was to have it located in Brussels, as the center of Europe, but when the idea of an eWeek – with all kinds of events in Amsterdam this fall – emerged earlier this year we’ve decided to move the location. Now eRetail Europe will be held in a week where we also have The Facebook Conference, Emerce eDay, Emerce Venture and Silicon Valley Meets Amsterdam. Actually we’re very pleased with the fact eRetail Europe is now being held in the Netherlands. It’s not only for practical reasons, but also because it could suit us, as well as the Dutch ecommerce industry, to get the top of the online retail to our country.”

Although all of this doesn’t have to mean Emerce is now trying to gain more ground in Europe by maybe launching an English written magazine or website. “We haven’t taken any specific steps towards such a development, but it has been suggested. The question we’ll have to ask ourselves is if there is anything we can add to the overwhelming international offerings. Here in the Netherlands we play an important role, internationally there is a lot of competition. When we go abroad, it will first be with events I guess.”

More international events?
In the Netherlands Emerce also organizes events like eFashion and eTravel, so one might say these events eventually also will be held internationally. “I really don’t know. Our first and most important challenge is eRetail Europe. And we must acknowledge that the events we now do in the Netherlands are already been played out by other, bigger international players. But if we can discover a hole in the market, then it’s always an option to think bigger with our national events.”