Ecommerce in The Netherlands

Information about ecommerce in the NetherlandsThe Netherlands is a small country, but it always tries to play a significant role, whether it be economically, political or in sports. The Netherlands participated in the introduction of the euro and was also a founding member of NATO and what’s now called the European Union. It’s also famous for its highly open economy which is leaning strongly towards international trade.

Population 16.8 million people
– % internet users 92%
Online sales €18 billion (2016) (predicted)
Online stores worth mentioning:, Wehkamp, Coolblue


Ecommerce events in the Netherlands

Every year there are several ecomerce events being organized in the Netherlands. We have a handy ecommerce events calendar, where you can find all the major online retail events in Europe. But you can also check out only the ecommerce events in the Netherlands.

Ecommerce customers in the Netherlands

Based on data from 2011, The Netherlands has 15.4 million internet users, which represents 92% of the total population. The Dutch like to pay with iDeal, an online payment method developed by the Dutch banking community. Among the other popular online payment methods in the Netherlands are PayPal, MasterCard and VISA. Popular post-payment methods are AfterPay, acceptgiro (giro transfer) and Klarna.

Online payment methods in the Netherlands 2016The most popular product categories in Dutch ecommerce are travel & tickets (38.96%), followed by telecommunication (12.82%), consumer electronica (7.84%), computer hardware and software (7.57%), clothing and shoes (7.48%) and media (6.36%).

More than 11 million Dutch have at least once bought something online. This is 92% of all active internet users in that country. In 2013 about 10.3 million Dutch people ordered something online, according to CBS. In total there were 46 million online orders placed, a growth of 10% compared to the same period one year ago. And in 2015 research showed there were 11.76 million people (aged 15 years or older) who shopped online during the first half of 2014.

The ecommerce market in the Netherlands

The Dutch ecommerce industry was worth 16.1 billion euros in 2015. in 2014. According to the Ecommerce Foundation, the industry was expected to increase by 12.1 percent to reach 18 billion euros in 2016. Based on the Central Agency for Statistics, online sales in the Netherlands account for about 11% of total retail sales.

Big online stores in the Netherlands

The biggest online stores in the Netherlands are, (the biggest in 2016), Zalando, Coolblue, H&M, Hema and If you look at this list, it’s directly noticeable that almost all of these are local players, with exceptions for Zalando (Germany) and H&M. Amazon and eBay for example aren’t that big in the Netherlands, mostly because consumers are very hooked on and, two players that are online for more than 15 years. But also because the Dutch really like to pay online with iDeal, and that’s something those international players don’t offer.

Latest news about The Netherlands

Albert Heijn vs Jumbo: Dutch supermarkets compete online in different ways

Albert Heijn and Jumbo are the biggest supermarket chains in the Netherlands, both offline and online. With ecommerce, Albert Heijn is the market leader for many years now, but according to Jumbo, that might change within the next five years. But the companies compete online in different ways.

20% of Dutch online shoppers order via smartphone

One in five Dutch consumers who shop online used their smartphone to order something online at least once during the third quarter of this year. This means 2.17 million Dutch shopped online via their smartphone. One year ago, 14 percent of the Dutch online shoppers used their smartphone for ordering Continue reading

AO grows 66.9 percent in Europe

Online electrical retailer AO saw its revenue increase by 22.9 percent to 378 million euros during the period April to September this year. Ecommerce sales in the UK grew 20.8 percent, while revenue in Europe increased by 66.9 percent during that same period.

Bax Music wants an online store in every European country by 2021

The Dutch music store Bax Music is still growing and is looking to expand further across Europe. The company is already active in eight European countries, but its founders say they want to launch an online store of Bax Music in all European countries by 2021.

Dutch postal service PostNL tests parcel lockers

Dutch postal service PostNL has started a test with its parcel and letter machines in Almere, a city located in the center of the country. The machine contains a letterbox with two openings and several parcel lockers which can be used to send and receive parcels.

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Last update: September 2016