Online shoppers in Poland spend €37 per month online

Online shoppers in Poland

The average amount of money Polish Internet users spent each month on online shopping was 156 zloty or 37.28 euro in 2014. And this year, about 6 in 10 consumers will be more likely to shop online rather than in traditional stores. Continue reading

Polish banks launch mobile payments solution Blik


Customers in Poland can now make payments in stores and online, withdraw cash and send P2P transfers, all using their mobile phone. They can do this with Blik, a new service set up by Polish Payment Standard, a company that’s formed by Poland’s six largest banks. Continue reading

H&M will open 9 new ecommerce sites in Europe

H&M in Barcelona, Spain

H&M will sell online in Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland. The Swedish fashion retailer is making a big ecommerce push as it already invested heavily in its online retail site and took several steps to connect its web and mobile assets with its brick-and-mortar stores. Continue reading

Romanian online retailer eMAG expands to Poland

eMAG, the largest online retailer in Romania, sets foot in Poland. Its sales platform will extend into this Eastern European country, after’s owner Dante International acquired Agito, one of Poland’s biggest online stores. Poland will be the fourth international market where will be active in, after Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. Continue reading

45% growth in Polish cross-border ecommerce in 2014

Cross-border growth in Ecommerce Poland

There was a growth of 45% in the cross-border ecommerce industry in Poland this year. With this growth rate, it grew harder than the cross-border ecommerce industry in European countries like Romania, Greece and Hungary. Polish consumers would shop more abroad if cost of returns was free. Continue reading

‘Polish ecommerce industry is worth €6.94bn in 2014’

It’s estimated that the value of the Polish ecommerce market will be worth 6.94 billion euros (29 billion zloty) in 2014. That’s 1.2 billion euros more than the Polish ecommerce industry value in 2013. Nowadays, more than 60 percent of Polish Internet users make online purchases and this number is about to grow. The Polish ecommerce industry however, does have one big problem: too many online stores still ignore mobile users. Continue reading

H&M launches online stores in 8 new European countries

H&M will launch online stores in eight different countries in Europe during 2015. The new online markets will be Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Slovakia. H&M’s online stores are already available in eleven European countries. Continue reading

Ecommerce Central Europe grew to 93.3 billion euros in 2013

The ecommerce industry in Central Europe has shown an average growth rate of nearly 23% last year. That is a better development than the average European growth of 17.5%. Together, the countries in Central Europe generated online sales worth 93.3 billion euros. Back in 2012 total sales were worth 75.9 billion euros. Continue reading

What you should know about selling online in Poland

Ecommerce in Poland

Every country in Europe has its own set of things you should take into account when selling online over there. This is of course also the case for Poland, one of Europe’s fastest-growing ecommerce markets. Here’s what you should know about running an ecommerce site in Poland. Continue reading

Eastern European ecommerce attracts investors

Global investors are looking with increasing interest to the ecommerce industry in Eastern Europe. The growth and trends in this region attracts the attention of international ecommerce players and investors. For example in Turkey, there’s a raised interest of investors, mostly in the clothing sectors. Continue reading

Prologis increases construction of warehouses in Europe

Prologis, the world’s biggest industrial-building owner, is constructing more and more warehouses in Europe as the demand for goods sold online keeps growing. Prologis has started projects in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia and is looking for more opportunities in Germany and the Netherlands. Continue reading

Toys”R”Us launches ecommerce site in Poland

The American toy retailer Toys”R”Us has announced the launch of an ecommerce site in Poland, adding to its growing portfolio of online stores all over the world. Toys”R”Us already has eight physical stores and the web store will extends the brand’s reach to more Polish consumers. Continue reading

UPS My Choice expands to 12 European countries

UPS has announced the expansion of UPS My Choice and the UPS Access Point network to 15 additional countries, including 12 in Europe. With these two services, online shoppers and global retailers have new personalized solutions to manage residential package deliveries. Continue reading

Wrangler opens online stores in Europe

Wrangler has some big plans for this fall: it will launch an online store in ten European countries as well as launch a campaign with Finnish racing driver Kimi Raikkönen to boost sales. At the end of this year, Wrangler’s online has to available in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Ireland. France and Belgium will follow later. Continue reading

Ecommerce Poland grew to €6.3bn in 2013

The ecommerce industry in Poland grew by 25 percent in 2013. It was worth 26 billion Polish zloty, or 6.3 billion euros, last year and is expected to grow to more than 22 billion euros in 2020. This is equal to a compound annual growth rate of approximately 19 percent. This is apparent from a study by market researcher PMR. Continue reading