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DPD reveals insights on young European shoppers

DPD Group

Are their differences between shoppers in let’s say France or Spain? Yes, of course. The major steps of the customer journey may look similar across all countries, there are certainly a few differences in each country. DPD studied the behavior and expectations of 18-25 year olds in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Poland. Continue reading

Fashion store Lesara expands to 16 new countries in Europe


Lesara, a Berlin-based online fashion and lifestyle retailer, has announced it will now also supply customers in the United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, The Republic of Ireland, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Continue reading

European countries approach omni-channel differently

Different omni-channel approaches in Europe

For ecommerce players, having an omni-channel approach is getting more and more important as customers continue to demand ever-higher levels of service. This requires retailers to adapt new models and be everywhere the customer wants them to be. Specific approaches to omni-channel however, differ widely from country to country. Continue reading

26% of Polish internet users want to spend more online

Ecommerce in Poland 2015

About one in four internet users in Poland who already shop online plans to increase the amount of money they spend online. On the other hand, just four percent say they are planning to reduce their online spending in the future. Continue reading

One in four Polish e-consumers shop on foreign websites

Shop online at foreign ecommerce websites in Poland

Almost one in eight Polish internet users, and one in four online consumers, shop on foreign websites. And the people who do this, mostly shop cross-border for clothes and accessories. Also media like books, CDs and films and multimedia like apps and e-books are among the most popular products Poles buy on foreign websites. Continue reading

Docdata partners with Polish ecommerce company Allegro

Allegro & Docdata

Docdata, a Dutch service provider for online retailers, will work with Allegro Group in Poland. Docdata was already active in this Eastern European country, but this will be its first complete fulfilment operation in Poland. For Allegro, Docdata will be providing both fulfilment and returns management. Continue reading

Ebusiness agency Divante to enter the Dutch market


Divante, an e-business agency that supports other companies in optimizing their online sales, will enter the Dutch market. It already built an ecommerce site for Dutch company and is now working on a whole new website for a Dutch online retailer. We interviewed Tom Karwatka, CEO of Divante, and discovered how they think about Dutch ecommerce… Continue reading

Europe sees rise of mobile payments

Mobile payments in Europe

In Europe, more and more consumers like to pay using their smartphone or tablet. In share of mobile device owners who already have experience with mobile payments, Turkey is the absolute leader in Europe. This is apparent from the latest report by, called “Europe Online Payment Methods: First Half 2015”. Continue reading

DHL launches European shopping portal Allyouneed

Allyouneed - DHL's online marketplace

DHL has relaunched its Allyouneed service. Previously, it was an online supermarket, but this is now rebranded as Allyouneed Fresh. And has now become Allyouneed. Quite confusing right? Well, get used to it. The latter shopping portal will expand to other European markets. It rolled out already to Poland in March and more countries will follow. Continue reading

Online fashion trends in Poland

Ecommerce in Poland

The online fashion industry in Poland is being dominated by two players. First, there’s online sales platform Allegro that, via the so-called Strefa Marek, offers products from various popular fashion brands. And of course, there’s Zalando which dominates the online fashion retail industry with its ecommerce business. Gemius shared the latest trends from this industry with us. Continue reading

New report on ecommerce in Poland published

Ecommerce in Poland

Ecommerce in Poland is developing rapidly. With 75% of Internet users who bought something online and about 10 million online shoppers, Poland is a very interesting market for investors and foreign companies. A new report on the Polish online retail industry substantiates this. Continue reading

Online shoppers in Poland spend €37 per month online

Online shoppers in Poland

The average amount of money Polish Internet users spent each month on online shopping was 156 zloty or 37.28 euro in 2014. And this year, about 6 in 10 consumers will be more likely to shop online rather than in traditional stores. Continue reading

Polish banks launch mobile payments solution Blik


Customers in Poland can now make payments in stores and online, withdraw cash and send P2P transfers, all using their mobile phone. They can do this with Blik, a new service set up by Polish Payment Standard, a company that’s formed by Poland’s six largest banks. Continue reading