The Netherlands

Verifone opens office in Belgium


Verifone, an American provider of technology that enables electronic payment transactions, has today announced it will open an office in Brussels, Belgium. From here it wants to offer platforms and solutions for secure online payments to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Continue reading

77% of Dutch shop online

Internet in the Netherlands

Ecommerce is getting more and more popular in the Netherlands. Between 2005 and 2014 the share of people shopping online grew from 50% to 77%. Dutch consumers especially shop online to buy clothing and to book vacations and holiday trips. More than half of online shoppers in the Netherlands bought one of these products during the last twelve months. Continue reading

Symbid launches platform for financing SMEs

Symbid The Funding Network

Crowdfunding platform Symbid today announced the launch of the Funding Network. This is a platform that connects small- and medium-sized enterprises to all types of funding, whether they are traditional or alternative like crowdfunding. Continue reading

Swedish gadget store Coolstuff wants to expand further in Europe


Coolstuff is ready to expand further abroad. The Swedish online retailer that sells all kinds of crazy gadgets is already selling cross-border to customers in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany, but more countries are rising on the horizon. The next step for Coolstuff could be the Netherlands, its founders say. Continue reading

Consumers and their online shopping expectations

Consumers are picky. Not only can they choose for your competitor, they can also shop cross-border if your online store doesn’t fulfil their needs. A new study shows how consumers across the globe think about shopping online, what they are expecting and experiencing and what’s holding them back from buying more online and online mobile. Continue reading