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Information about ecommerce in DenmarkDenmark is one of the Scandinavian countries. It joined the European Union in 1973, but isn’t part of the European Economic and Monetary Union, so it still has its own currency, the Danish krone. Denmark highly depends on foreign trade and is also a strong supporter of trade liberalization. The country enjoys a high standard of living.

Population 5.7 million people
– % internet users 96.1%
Online sales €13.84 billion (2016)
Online stores worth mentioning: Saxo, Elgiganten


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Every year there are several ecomerce events being organized in Denmark. We have a handy ecommerce events calendar, where you can find all the major online retail events in Europe. But you can also check out only the ecommerce events in Denmark.

Ecommerce customers in Denmark

Estimates of the World Factbook show there are about 5.4 million Internet users in Denmark. This corresponds to a stunning 96.1 percent of the total population. Data from Eurostat in 2013 showed that in Denmark, 79 percent of all internet users shopped online the year before. Four out of five adult Danes shopped online during the last six months. The average annual spending per online shopper in Denmark is 2.252 euros.

Dankort is by far the most popular payment method in Denmark. Dankort is the national debit card of Denmark and functions as a credit card abroad. Another popular payment method in Denmark is MobilePay, a mobile payment solution by Danske Bank that’s also being offered in Finland and Norway. Data from the Danish ecommerce association FDIH [pdf] shows that in 2014, 81 percent of all payments online were done with a debit card, 6 percent was via internet banking, while PayPal had a 5 percent marketshare. And according to FDIH, these are the preferred payment methods in Denmark:

Preferred payment methods in Denmark

The ecommerce market in Denmark

Based on data from Dankort, ecommerce in Denmark was worth 13.84 billion euros in 2016. It accounts for about 10 percent of the total retail turnover.

Clothes, Shoes & Jewelry is still the most frequently purchased product category in Denmark, followed by Music, Books, Games & Toys and Tours & Cultural experiences. In 2015, the product category Home, Garden & Flowers showed a strong increase in popularity, while IT, Telecom & Photo and Music, Books, Games & Toys both showed a downward trend.

Big online stores in Denmark

Some of the most popular and biggest online stores in Denmark are online book store Saxo and consumer electronics retailer Elgiganten. Other popular online retailers in Denmark are Amazon, Zalando and Cdon.

In 2014, online strategy agency Dwarf asked consumers to name all the online stores they could think of. And this is the top 20:
Top 20 popular webshops in Denmark

Latest news about Denmark

Zalando will open its first Nordic fulfillment center this year

Zalando is ready to conquer the Nordic region. The online fashion platform successfully completed its location search and will open its first Nordic fulfillment center in Sweden later this year. The fulfillment center will be built in Brunna, near Stockholm, and is meant to meet the demand of its customers Continue reading

Ecommerce in the Nordics was worth 21.9 billion euros in 2016

The ecommerce industry in the Nordic region was worth 21.9 billion euros in 2016. The biggest share of online retail revenue in this region comes from Sweden, which generated 8.5 billion euros last year. But Norwegians scored the highest monthly amount spent per person.

Shoptalk Europe secures €1.86 million for its event

Event organizer Shoptalk announced it secured 2 million dollars (€1.86 million) in venture capital funding to support the launch of its first European ecommerce event, Shoptalk Europe. The company also announced the first group of speakers for the event that takes place in Copenhagen from October 9 until October 11. wants to become ‘Amazon of the Nordics’ with marketplace, the biggest online retailer in Norway, will launch its own marketplace where other retailers can sell their products. The company is slowly transforming from being an online shop to an ecommerce marketplace and is aiming to become the Amazon of the Nordics.

Danish ecommerce event stops and partners with Shoptalk Europe

Total Retail, the ecommerce event of Danish ecommerce association Foreningen for Dansk Internet Handel, will cease to operate. Members of FDIH will instead be invited to attend Shoptalk Europe, a large ecommerce event which will be held in Copenhagen on 9, 10 and 11 October.

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Last update: September 2016