Ecommerce Awards Spain: Promofarma best webshop of 2016

Ecommerce Awards Spain

Promofarma has won the award for Best Webshop in Spain. The online marketplace that’s filled with products from local pharmacies won the most important prize during the Ecommerce Awards, an event hosted by Club Ecommerce last week. Continue reading

Visa Checkout to launch across Europe

Visa Checkout to launch across Europe

Visa will make its online payment service Visa Checkout available to merchants and consumers in the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Poland and Spain this year. With Visa Checkout, users have the security and convenience of the Visa card, but then in the digital world. Continue reading

Spaniards love to buy leisure products online

Spaniards love to buy leisure products online

When Spaniards shop online, they mostly buy leisure-related products. Show tickets, books, music and restaurants are the products that are purchased online the most. Two out of three Spanish consumers shopped these kinds of products on the internet. Also, travel and consumer electronics were very popular last year. Continue reading

DPD reveals insights on young European shoppers

DPD Group

Are their differences between shoppers in let’s say France or Spain? Yes, of course. The major steps of the customer journey may look similar across all countries, there are certainly a few differences in each country. DPD studied the behavior and expectations of 18-25 year olds in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Poland. Continue reading

Fashion store Lesara expands to 16 new countries in Europe


Lesara, a Berlin-based online fashion and lifestyle retailer, has announced it will now also supply customers in the United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, The Republic of Ireland, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Spain was worth €16.26 billion in 2014

Ecommerce in Spain 2014

The ecommerce industry in Spain was worth 16.26 billion euros last year. About 18.6 million people bought something online, thereby spending on average 876 euros per year. One in five online shoppers used a smartphone or tablet to make purchases online. Continue reading

European countries approach omni-channel differently

Different omni-channel approaches in Europe

For ecommerce players, having an omni-channel approach is getting more and more important as customers continue to demand ever-higher levels of service. This requires retailers to adapt new models and be everywhere the customer wants them to be. Specific approaches to omni-channel however, differ widely from country to country. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Spain was worth 15.9 billion euros in 2014

Ecommerce in Spain in 2014

The total turnover of ecommerce in Spain reached 15.89 billion euros in 2014, new data shows. The ecommerce industry increased by 24.8% last year. That’s some impressive growth if you take into account ecommerce in Europe increased by 16.3% in 2013 and ecommerce in South Europe increased by 18.9% during the same period. Continue reading

67% of Spanish internet users shop online

Average Spanish shopper

In Spain, almost seven out of ten internet users, which corresponds to 19.2 million Spaniards, shop online. And the average online consumer orders something online three times per month, while spending an average of 70 euros per order. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Spain exceeded €4.1 billion in Q3 2014

Ecommerce in Spain Q3 2014

Ecommerce in Spain has exceeded 4.1 billion euros during the third quarter of 2014, which is an increase of 24.7% compared to the same period one year earlier. Sectors with the biggest online revenues are tourism, which accounts for 34.2% of the total turnover, direct marketing (5.2%) and clothing (4.2%). Continue reading

Spanish eShop Ventures acquires subscription service Nonabox

Ecommerce company eShop Ventures has added another brand to its portfolio. After acquiring online stores El Armario de la Tele and BoutiqueSecret, eShop Ventures acquired Nonabox, an online subscription service for mums. This Spanish company was not performing really well in terms of financial results and its founders were already trying to find a buyer of the remaining assets. Continue reading

Pixmania acquires daily deals site Oooferton

Pixmania acquires Oooferton

Pixmania has announced the acquisition of Oooferton, a Spanish website that offers three daily deals within the consumer electronics sector. The goal of this acquisition is to strengthen its Spanish activities as well as the expansion in the refurbished goods sector. Continue reading

Sarenza’s sales grew by 82% during discount sales period ‘Rebajas’

Sarenza, one of the biggest online shoe retailers in Spain, saw its sales grew by 82% during ‘Rebajas’, a typical Spanish phenomenon where retailers give massive discounts to customers. During this period, more than one-thirds of total sales happened from mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Whereas just 13% happened using a smartphone in 2014, this year the percentage was 21%. Continue reading

35% of Spaniards shop online once a month

España feature

A new study on the Spanish ecommerce industry shows that 35% of consumers have shopped online at least once a month. And almost half of Spanish consumers have ordered something online between one and four times last year. Continue reading